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09 September 2005, 08:46 AM
heres some of my first zbrush scribbles.

EDIT-whoops no pics-EDIT

09 September 2005, 08:54 AM
ok toke The fiftys singer style model into Max and normal mapped it on to low poly mesh,

its about 1500tris, with a 1024x1024 spec,diff and normal maps.

maps a bit large will reduce, can reduce. + i dont think diffuse map is doing enough, needs a bit more grime and a few lfreckles etc.

09 September 2005, 11:46 AM
5o looks and nothing:sad:


09 September 2005, 01:22 PM
5o looks and nothing
It's probably because it's not like there are one or two things wrong with these that people can suggest you tweak. It's all at a consistent level (there's no one thing that's any better or worse than any other thing), you just need to keep practicing and make general improvements.

Some things i'd suggest are...

1. Don't use ZBrush to make hair, whether it be eyebrows, facial hair or whatever. ZBrush is an awesome program but it's good at surface detail rather than shape detail and hair is all about shape detail. Maybe people can get away with doing light stubble, but that's as far as it should go in my opinion. This ( is probably the best hair i've seen done in ZBrush, and even that probably isn't as good as it could be with alternative methods (it kind of looks like tarmac). For high poly i'd use procedural hair, and for games i'd probably still go for the alpha method, and do stubble in the colour map.

2. Personally I still prefer to do textures using Photoshop rather than painting on the model. Photoshop has much better tools for painting and people just seem to be able to get a much cleaner results with it.

3. Use front and side photos of whatever head you're modelling (or draw front and side views if you have to, although pay close attention to photo reference if you do), line them up, and stick them in the 3D program so you can overlay your model and match up the facial proportions. You may have already done this but your facial features aren't really as well sized and positioned as they should be.

Remember that the head should be 5 eye widths wide, with the eyes lying on the second and fourth of those widths. The top of the ears should roughly line up with the top or bottom of the eyes (usually the top). If you draw lines straight down from the inside point of the eye that's often how wide the nose should be, and if you draw lines down from the inside edge of the iris that's often how wide the mouth is. Of course there's racial variations and lots of little differences in how people look, but generally things don't stray too far from these rules. If you're modelling to guides you shouldn't need to worry about these things much, you can just match it up.

Anyway, keep practicing, keep posting, and keep up the good work. :)

09 September 2005, 02:30 PM
hey cheers for the reply, and crits. i will try to answer a few befor i go and make some changes tonight.

1 I'm not sure that your right about modelling hair, i agree about the hair on the devil but i like the hair on the 50s singer, although i might add a shell, to sften it a little. i found Zbrush a very quick and easy way of modelling the kind of hair that i was going for.

2 I did use photoshop for the colour map, as i havnt figured out Zbrushes yet, well i can colour but still getting my head round doing it without putting it onto the canvas:twisted: :shrug: :banghead: . but it needs some work.

3 I normally do use photorefs, but for this i was keen on learning Zbrush, so got one of my old meshes that i had lying around, and modified it. Not sure whether its the original or the modified versions, where the anatomy/scale issues arose, but they should be a fairly easy fix, as long as can do it without streching the texture map too much.

i was going for a kind of Clint Eastwood/Alfie moon (shane Ritche) look. I didnt have any refs to work from, PRAYER-CG lord i confess i have sinned-PRAYER.

cheers, for the crit, knew there were a few things wrong, and had forgotten to apply the rules of eyes and ears. DOH.

09 September 2005, 04:12 PM
i found Zbrush a very quick and easy way of modelling the kind of hair that i was going for.
1. It may be quick and easy, but it hardly ever gives good results. This is not just the case with the hair on these models but with the large majority of ZBrush hair. I hate to be blunt but on the devil it looks kind of like cake icing, and on the shaded view of the 50's guy it kind of looks like shaving foam. It looks better with the texture on, but that's because the texture is hiding the underlying geometry, rather than the underlying geometry aiding the final look. As I say, i'm sorry to be blunt, but to be clear this isn't a criticism of you as an artist, it's simply that ZBrush is not good at hair.

2. For skin try this ( tutorial for the texturing, and check out this ( for shading. The texture tutorial may seem a little over the top in terms of how many layers the guy adds, but it really does help to build skin textures up in lots of layers so that you have that variation in skin tone and so that it looks like stuff like veins are actually under the skin.

3. The issues I mentioned are with the underlying model rather than the work in ZBrush. If you're not lining up to referece images in the scene file then it's all just a matter of observation. Just take your time looking at reference images and think about the basic rules and you'll be fine.

09 September 2005, 04:23 PM
again cheers for the indepth crit,

i really do understand what you say about the hair on the devil, and that generally using Zbrush for hair is not a good idea, but..... i still like the effect i got for the 5os style singer, i think were going to just have to disagree about that. + looking at other game samples with solid hair, i think i will stick with it fo this model. + i had a look The Hoffs (David Hasslehoffs) curlly mullet, another inspiration that i forgot to mention befor and his hair does look a bit like shaving foam.

as of the tutorials, thanks again


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09 September 2005, 04:23 PM
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