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09 September 2005, 03:53 PM
hi everybody,

i'm working on this chick

I don't have a concept for the moment just modeling and trying to find something interesting..

Any suggestions ?

Norman McCay
09 September 2005, 03:58 PM
I am really liking the silhouette! As far as ideas, you got me (never been much of a concept guy), but I do think you should try looking at those classic James Bond movies, and maybe even a dash of Uma Thurman's costume from the Avengers movie. But no female spy has more personality than my favorite female spy/agent of all-time--the original Mrs. Peel, Emma Peel! Her fashion sense/wardrobe from the TV show should be really good reference for you.

09 September 2005, 04:13 PM
Haha, yeah. Definitely has an Emma Peel look to it.

Tight bodysuits with oversized buckles/belts and such, You always knew someone was gonna get a kicking whenever there was a scene with her wearing one :P

Solid modeling, got a good silhouette, though an extra loop on each elbow wouldn't hurt.

09 September 2005, 10:29 PM
Thanks guys for your advices ( very good )

well noticed for the edge loop ArchangelTalon

tests on the texture and modeling... messy work :)

Norman McCay
09 September 2005, 04:48 AM
What I meant earlier about the original Emma Peel, I meant DIANA RIGG (what was I thinking?)!

Anyway, guillom, I think the attraction behind the big belt buckle on Uma Thurman's Emma Peel is that it sags A LOT, and doesn't actually hug that tightly around the waist (more decorative than anything else), but having it lowered also will accentuate her hips, which I assume will be curvaceous? BTW, is the belt separate geometry? If not, then forget what I wrote, but if so, slant the belt! Making it uneven would definitely give her more of a personality. Great work thus far!

09 September 2005, 05:16 AM
Hi, this is looking great so far! Really nice silhouette like others stated, maybe add more definition to the arms though.

09 September 2005, 05:22 AM
Its the Danger Girl model again :)

09 September 2005, 09:04 AM
Mm... Nice. Did the outfit and the overall look, especially that hair. I hope you rig that for extra "throwing the hair back"-ness ;)

09 September 2005, 10:22 AM
Sweet modelling Guillom!...I like the cunning use of loops around the elbows, should deform well, really nice legs on her aswell...You planning on bringing her into ZB? I think all that leather would benefit from it...looking forward to how this progresses :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 01:06 PM
Looks really good, but the arms look somewhat cylindrical.

09 September 2005, 02:21 PM
Coming along :D

I think her chin may be a bit too large/round to give that sleek, sexy spy girl look, though.

09 September 2005, 09:48 PM
thx all :) like your ideas/advices

Johnwoo : though i do normal map at work all days long I definately think of putting her in ZB

I've tried to put some colors but i'm not 100 % satisfyied , i think zb could help to have good shapes ...but very soft details !

09 September 2005, 10:20 PM
Nice clean model. I like the character lots.

One crit- the forearms seem a bit thin 'n flimsy.

Loof forward to seeing her textured :)

09 September 2005, 08:53 PM
hi !

I've made some test with ZB but i'm not satisfyied at all so i prefer continuing on that texture more "painty"

I will check the forearms, well noticed Gary !

09 September 2005, 11:01 PM
Texture looks good so far. Nice and soft. Kind of glows.

I need to do some purely hand painted work again...

09 September 2005, 07:05 AM
Looking ace so far. Nice to see you straying from your usual cartoony path. Cartoony is good, but you have to try everything. Good geometry and textures so far - keep it up!

Norman McCay
09 September 2005, 02:14 AM
I'm really digging the face/ The texture quality on the face is excellent, particularly the lips. Keep it up!

09 September 2005, 02:42 AM
i think she looks great, especially with those blue shades... those are sweet
texturing is beautifully done
can't wait for the updates

09 September 2005, 05:23 AM
That texture is top-notch.

Excellent job!

09 September 2005, 11:10 PM
Thanks all of you, very motivating... :thumbsup:

first test on hair

Don't know yet for the color ( just a test :)

09 September 2005, 02:18 AM
hey that looks pretty sweet
what types of brush(es) are you using?
your skin texture is so soft and smooth... i want to run my fingers through her hair while i caress her luscious skin!

09 September 2005, 02:09 PM
Cool work Guillom, as usual.
I think u could left that color of hair. She looks ace like a cold hearted chick.:D

09 September 2005, 05:48 PM
Hi !

next step on the hair ...

dpizzle .... so hot :D

edit* sorry i forgot to answer your question

I use the default brushes + using the different opacity mode

and also i play a lot with the density tool

I usually add some touch of color ( red, pink, grey, yellow and sometimes green ) on different layers and playing with layer properties...

Por@szek : yes this cold color gives contrast with her skin tones definately...

09 September 2005, 07:12 PM
Looking good. I'd probably darken the hair towards the parting in the hair, so that it doesn't appear too flat.

09 September 2005, 07:35 PM
very impressive texturing,n that hair looks great with the highlights youve put in,are you gonna paint shadows from the hair onto the texture?

10 October 2005, 06:41 PM
free-willy :thx a lot, i think i gonna paint very small shadows

mindrot : Thank you for this good advice !

sorry for the delay all ! i was finishing an other project ( see on my website )

early texture for the leather... i will add a lot of folds ...

10 October 2005, 07:19 PM
Looks good guillom. :)

Are you going to add some hair to the area in front of the ear? At the moment it looks a bit like a wig. You neeed to try and intergrate with the face/head a bit more.

I'm not sure if it's the angle but the hair could use some volume at the back (her right side).

Keep going.

10 October 2005, 09:50 PM
I agree with mindrot here. Also, i think the specular on her suit is a bit strong. Painted on specular shine can sometimes look odd on games models - especially when most games these days can use actual geometric, light-based specular hilights. A bit more depth, warmth and variation in her skin tones would be good too.

Her face actually reminds me a bit of uma thurman in kill bill!

Keep it up - shes looking good :thumbsup:

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10 October 2005, 09:50 PM
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