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09 September 2005, 08:34 AM
with the upcoming release of advent children I suspect Final Fantasy may become a big commercial property, and likely generate the kinds of numbers they had hoped to rake in with the spirits within.
However My favorite game in the series was part six on the old cartridge based SNES console. But it wasn't untill I started looking for like minded individuals on the internet that I realized just how staggering the amount of fanfare for this game really is. everything I've read sort of seems to indicate that the hard working artists at SQUARE would really just like to forget the days of cartridges before CG animated cutscenes were a reality in video games. still I feel as though that particular game truly reresents the perfection of it's craft, and with a soundtrack to rival starwars and writing that had me convinced that these 2D sprite nitoshins were actually people together with a look that was truly amazing got me to thinking.
and so I've decided to write a screen adaptation of the story, which based on early estimates would fit into the space of four feature lenght films rather well.
now I really don't know all that much about writing scripts but I can tell already tell that for somthing like this story boards are going to be very important. in comunicating the look feel and pace of the script.
as the title of this thread suggests this project is entirely fanfare and is not at all likely to ever be made still I think it will be lots of fun to work on and I will hapily share my work with anyone who is interested. story board artists wishing to be of service should definitely start by looking up Yoshitaka Amanos' FFVI illustrations and those not familliar with the game should also check out the soundtrack.
again I don't know much about writing scripts but I am striving for technical correctness in writing things that other artists would be able to work with in the sense of industry standards. and so any hints, comments, suggestions or even corrections would be greatly appreaciated.
this is really just for fun so lets all have fun I've completed everything through the first sequence introducing the main character but right now I'm mainly looking for insights as to how scripting relates to storyboarding.

09 September 2005, 12:32 PM
Did I read well? You intend to write four feature length scripts? If you're new to script writing, it might be more careful to read books on the subject and then write a few short scripts (5 to 10 minutes long) until you get the basics. Maybe what you could do if you realy want to make a fan thing, is write a 10 minute script of a specific part in the game you liked.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to lead you out of the way you chose to follow. It's just it seems utopic to me.
Anyways, it's just my 2 cents
Good luck.

09 September 2005, 03:56 AM
Screenwriting takes time and effort to master. Writing four continuous feature scripts is certainly easier said than done, especially when you aim for an industry-standard format. A first script can easily take years, undergoing a multitude of rewrites, before it is truly ready to be shipped around. Now, I understand that you are not planning on selling these scripts, which would also be difficult considering the fact that you are working off of someone else's property, but writing a serious quadrilogy, even a subpar one, is not just fun. It is hard work. Once you delve deeper into the world of screenwriting, you will realize this. Also, why would you invest so much time, perhaps even sweat and tears, into someone else's property. Your chances of obtaining any rights to the Final Fantasy universe are slim to say the least, and even though it is a non-profit fanfiction, the owners of the foundation upon which you are building can demand the withdrawal of any publication based on their material - even on the Internet (copyrights exist on the Internet as well). I know there is a lot of fanfiction out there, either because the owners don't know or don't mind/care...

But why bother?

If you are interested in screenwriting, I suggest you read some more into it. If you then decide to write a screenplay, write something original. Anything else is a waste of time. Trust me on this one.

09 September 2005, 11:59 PM
let me clarify just a little this is not the first thing I'm attempting to write. in fact I've written another script wich is going into production this coming march. but in the case of that particular script, I'm directing and producing it so I really don't care to much about industry standards.

now why would I do somthing like this you ask? or did you? well I you see this upcoming movie is more of an urban comedy affair 11 characters 7 sets and a storyboard I made with a polaroid camera. now that isn't exactly my ideal creation even if it's really good for what it is. now I've seen many many documetaries about huge special effects films and I've become curious as to how things like that are planned. and I'm wondering do special considerations need to be taken in the script?

so why FFVI well I'm very familliar with it. in fact I've written a guide to it and a nearly complete transcript of the dialouge. and with the game itself as a reference the only things to write are shot descriptions which are pretty easy to write. why worry about industry standards? well you see I'm making an urban comedy because they're cheap but in order to make a SFX heavy action adventure I really need to learn about planning intelligently for it and I'm writing this for insights. now if infact those things really do have nothing to do with the script then you're right I am just wasting my time. but believe it or not writing is fun for me more than being hard work it's so easy it's boring. although that doesn't mean what I'm writing is good. this is coming along very fast but instead of dealing in volume I probably would be better off taking Igors' advice and trying to perfect a discription of one sequence I really liked. or like you said maybe I should write my own stuff. I'll probably at least draft part one though.

09 September 2005, 09:12 AM
I second what you said shirudo. Why wouldn't you write for you only. Writing, like every art, is for the artist's pleasure first. So go for it. I still believe four feature length scripts is far too much. You might get bored or overloaded with work in no time. Since you already know the storyline, I think you should write it slowly, part after part, without realy aiming at 100% completion.
Good luck. :bounce:

09 September 2005, 12:58 AM
You probably couldn't care less since you are writing for "fun", but I was just reading the Hollywhooped column over at Donedeal in which screenwriters can have their questions answered by an industry pro (=Dave). I just couldn't help myself after stumbling upon these (very apropos):


As dumb as it is (I didnít know it at the time) I wrote a script based on a classic comic strip character. The script has been reviewed and edited by two successful Scriptwriters, both of whom were impressed. The scrip has also been read by the current Writer and Artist of the syndicated strip, and they too have responded very favorably. The problem is that I can't get anyone to look at the scrip without obtaining an option for the film rights, and the company that holds the rights won't consider an option unless I can show some real interest on the part of a studio or investor. I NEED HELP. What is your advice?



My advice is to move on to another project. Unless the rights holder is willing to give you an option without any massive hurdles, you're in for a world of headaches trying to pursue this.

Next time, write something original.

What are the consequences of writing in a "Universe" you do not control?

My first script, just completed after a year of work, does just this. It actually just extrapolates from a prior work without really having a basis in the original, though character names are used. I started it without having seen any websites with advice and prior to buying the Screenwriter's Bible.

Sincerely, Mathew

Mathew, is a mistake to write a script based on material you don't control. Besides the legal stumbling blocks, it doesn't show your ability to create original characters and worlds.


09 September 2005, 02:04 AM
well I could give you some real world examples of how things can go the other way but it'd really contradict the spirit in which this is being written, however I must admit the second quote makes a decent point. perhaps I should strut a bit more round about my own concepts. but make no mistake I'm not planning on selling this at any time ever maybe when I'm satisfied with it I'll hand it off to some fan sites to be appreaciated by other fans of the game, but that's really about all this has in store.

and Igor just so you know I'm also writing a details file that all of these numbers plug into which includes more infomation about the various scenes. as for things like paridigms and background alot of that comes out in the dialouge. although I'll include a little of that in the details

anyway the first draft of part one is nearing the halfway point but my hands have really started going snap crackle pop and so I think I'll be taking a day or two off. after that I think I should probably spend some time refining what I have before I continue much further with the story.

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