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11 November 2002, 07:08 PM
My machine is slow. There, I've said it. Despite this, I insist on creating images at print resolution (304.1 ppi?) to allow for possibility of printing down the road. I've recently heard that illustrators will work at a low resolution all the while recording their actions and then reapply them in a new file with a higher res. Could this be true? It sounds too simple to me.

Please confirm or deny. Thanks:)

Ian Jones
11 November 2002, 03:18 AM

You cannot record your actions and movements with photoshop to that extent. Besides, all your movements and settings would have been applied the smaller image and wouldnt necessarily bring the same outcome when used on a larger image. For example do a 5 pixel gaussian blur on a web resolution image. Now do a 5 pixel gaussian blur on a 300dpi print resolution image. The difference is huge.

Illustrators commonly make a smaller rough image, to figure out the content, composition, colour etc. When they are happy they increase the resolution and clean it up some more then work in details etc. Perhaps that is what you were thingking of?

One other possibility is with a program called Painter (I'm not sure who owns it now! it has a colourful history). Anyway... you can record almost all your actions in it and then play them back or save it as a movie. Maybe this is what you were referring to? even so I'm not sure how this would work when increasing the resolution.

Hope that helped.

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