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09 September 2005, 06:09 PM
I am a self trained 3D artist and don't have the means to get schooling in all of the various areas of film, video, storyboarding, script writing, etc. at the moment. I wanted to know if there are any sites that help you structure story development. I have lots of different ideas to use for video shorts (concepts for various elements), but I have a lot of trouble trying to formulate a working script. Are there any links you guys can provide with tutorials or some sort of help in setting up the framework suitable to make your stories work (even some of the basics like plot, climax, resolution, etc).

I appreciate any links and input

09 September 2005, 06:16 PM
There's two DVDs wich gives you a rather good foundation to build from.

The first one is more based on how to build your story from a script, while the second one focuses on how to build a story from a couple of main storybeats using sketches to establish those beats and then go into breakdowns or inbetween as I would call them.

Hope this helped in some way...


09 September 2005, 04:49 PM
This book is a pretty good way to take your models and visualise them as you would in a movie. While not being about 3D animation you get an idea of what the film shots would be for a movie. There setups and so on. This isn't about writing a script so much as you can take the ideas of shot blocking and get a flow of shots going for your models. From there you can get some storyboards going and then from there develope a script. If wrting isn't your thing this is a good way to take an idea and move it without writing to much. You will find that when you get the idea on go the script will start to grow for you story. It is also a big help when doing your animation as the blocking has been done already so that speeds things along.

Check your local library first and then go to your larger book stores in the area. It's a pretty popular book but book stores that have a performing arts section would most likely have it.

There are other books on writing that would help you in developing a story. They are for writing novels but in areas that you have some difficulty like Charactors and Plot they can be a big help.

Beginnings, Middles and Ends

Creating Unforgettable Characters

Check your local library for Subject: Authorship. There should be a whole lot of books on writing novels including writing Science Fiction and many other types of fiction. You should also find in the same area (800's). That's the first place I would look (been there lots of times myself). The Library is a great place for this kinda stuff. Much better then the internet believe me. Because of that though it can be hard to get the books (they are very popular but the quanitity of them helps) so also go to the referance section in the arts area of the library. These can't be taken out and can be a help if your looking for some specific info on area of story. They have dictionaries of different area's (Medical,Science,Astronomy,Historical). You can sometimes find things in there you can't find anywhere else (including book stores). Then move on to the Book Store.

There ara a few sites on the net. There are even sites you can find actual motion picture scripts. These are good for seeing what a script has in it and it's structure.

I wouldn't copy a script but you can see what goes into one and if there is a movie you liked very much you can perhaps find the scipt and make a note of it's structure. This is a good way to get a script going. There are often blocking a camera postion in a script that can help you when building a story. It's like visualising a golf shot. You see it happening in your head and then the actual shot is just a replay. So visualising the story is kinda the same thing. If you can see what it looks like then you can write it. For me anyway.

So the Library for info on writing (Authorship).They will most likely have a book that talks to your spacific type of story you want to tell. I know at my libary they do. They have several on Science Fiction writing plus area's in that area (Space Travel/Time Travel/World Building/Alien Societies). Every time I go to the library I go to that section 800 - 810. You never know when something you haven't seen yet will show up. You might even be able to find the other two books there aswell. The books they may have on Filming may be a little out of date (at my library they are) so I would try the Filming section but at my library they still have books on shooting home movies with a super 8 camera.. Still it's worth a look at your library. The books on film at my libary mostly deal with biographies of the film makers and can be helpfull but for what you want (nuts and bolts of story) it would be an inspirational look at a favourite director at best.

Then off to the book store for books the library didn't have. The PERFORMING ARTS section (script writing/Directing/Camera Work) then over to the WRITING section for books on story and charactor developement. The writing section is usually by the referance section at the book store (dictionaries and atlas's).

Books are a great way to see it in a light that makes it look like a movie. I've got most of movie script going but characters are my big stumbling block. I don't know what kind of story you want to tell but the books on Science Fiction and Fantasy writing are a pretty good start on nearly everything you need to do in making a story even if that area isn't what you want to talk about.

I have this book:

It is very detailed and compact at the same time (not to pricey either). I found it at the library but had to buy it because I got tired of taking it out and bringing it back.

Ben Bova is quite an accomplished Sci-Fi novelist and has written quite a few books on Science Fiction Writing. Including the ones mentioned above (Space Travel/World Building).

Some of the places online would be Fan-Film Sites. Depending on the story you want to tell there could be a fan-movie site that has people that are making there own fan Films.

They can be a great source for story developement help. They tend to make "Short Story" movies but they have everything you want in a story just not quantity. They can help with all kinds of design and film making that goes with making an animation.

A long post but I hope it helps


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