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09 September 2005, 06:39 PM

THis is a clippet of a music video we here at Studiotree recently finished for "Change the Game" records. The artists are Mike Jones and Cess.

We developed the technique to fit the budget...I like to refer to it at ghettomation...but we tried to bring as much of the ol' animation principles to it as possible...a sort of sophisticated ghetto look....we storyboarded>animatic for scenes....figured out our characters and what we needed from them performance wise....then sent one of our employees out to halifax to take 1400 photographs of over 30 characters and 10 locations. THen we went through a week of hellish processing of the photos (cutting out bodyparts and organizing) before we got to the fun stage of makin them move.

The music track is jokey so we went pretty absurd and outragious with the visuals....a boozing midget, a hunting cougar, sexy triplets...etc

comments & crits are more then welcome

0h, and look for the video on much music canada this fall....

Jesse Schmidt (

09 September 2005, 10:54 PM
well there really wasnt much animation in it...aside from the paning and quick cuts it was really jerky The compositing was really quit excellent but the animation was way to jerky for me..i'd say it was more along the lines of early stop motion animation but over all it wasnt a bad music video :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 12:18 AM

did you read my discription? these were photos manipulated in aftereffects...Im not claiming that this is sophisticated animation in any classical sense...this is a technique we developed to work with the budget of the client.....

its more about the gags then the sophistication of movement....

thats my demo wreel if you want to see something a little more "smooth"

09 September 2005, 05:07 AM
that had to be one of the funniest music videos ive seen. and the compositing was very good.

09 September 2005, 02:55 PM

thanks alias freak
good to hear the hard work serves to entertain!

09 September 2005, 08:56 PM
yeah i read your description winchester, but it is hard to critique animation that is "budgeted" especially when you said "we tried to bring as much of the ol' animation principles to it as possible" i follow of these princibles religiously and i didnt see very many of them applied in your video maybe two or three...sorry if i sound like a hard ass i am just studier of motion budgeted or not

09 September 2005, 11:22 PM

like I said we tried...but we were seriously limited by the medium we worked in....

oh well, at least were gettin day well land a budget which will allow for an uninhibited display of our skills....

till then good luck Soon2Banimator with your "Hardcore Animation"

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09 September 2005, 11:22 PM
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