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02 February 2002, 08:08 PM

head rotate (divX 212K)

body rotation (divX 288K)

The model is created in 3D Studio max in subd. Since this images the back of the head has been brought downwards. The hair is (will be) a major problem. I think I will end up painting really short - almost bald hair texture. It will not look great on close ups but i think I will do it anyway.
The eye brows will be textured.

Critique and comments wnated especially for possible anatomy anomalies - any other things, feel free to comment. The texturing is almost finnished for the face (there will be also "beaten up" version).
The full body is basically there but ther etxtures and colours are not quite decided yet and as you see the hands aren't there yet. The jacket is slightly "moto" a bit following the style of many latest designer garments.
The legs are bit thick as they were adopted from a bigger guy. I am working with them at the moment.


for the ones with too much time to spend reading->
Character background:
Leam Kerosene is a 41 years old somewhat isolated person living on communitys (cordina) honour-pension. He earned the support being a leading querilla and secret mission officer at young age almost twenty years ago serving in conflicts that finally resulted the final separating of Morar and Cordina. In addition to fighting skills the wra gave him a cynical and almost ignorant outlook.
Since he worked in the cordina security forces but as the society has calmed down the forces became rather obsolete. He left the forces after short period of time. After the war he had dificulties finding his place gathered some rough reputation as a trouble maker which actually has not much to do with the real Leam.
Since he has been mostly just hanging around day by day. Having not much to do is not a rare situation in Cordina as many people spend their lives having hobbies and active social life instead of working.
Leam does have social relations but in Cordina he can be considered passive and a lonely person.
The history in battles and missions exposed him to different places of the planet. Thus unlike most cordinians he spends a lot of time outside the city flying around the deserts and mountains enjoying the austere nature the planet offers.
As the Morars start their intiative to get justice Leam is consulted to offer solutions to the hughely outpowering threat. He is the only one that realistically understands what war with enraged and bitter (with a reason) Morar nation can result. The present government and security officials have no understanding of neither the sacrifice and destruction that any war takes nor the enourmous superiority of Morar's capabilities in case of clash.
The difficult situation, obvious friction in co-operation and eventually government's ignorance in seeking a diplomatic resolution Leave ex-agent furstrated and oppressed. Having been right does not comfot him much when the war begins.

02 February 2002, 08:33 PM
What can I say, it's amazing. I think he is very realistic and I agree with you, the hair could be a problem. The only thing I can say is that I think his feet are to short.


02 February 2002, 04:37 PM
Thanks for comment.

Yeah - I have made the feet larger and it works better. I have also tried just mapping the hair with semi reasonable results.


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