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09 September 2005, 05:29 AM
Abdul Ali is entered in the "Spectacular Challenge" update: View Challenge Page (

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09 September 2005, 12:11 PM (

Here's a basic sketch of my spaceship concept. The desgin itself will go through a bit of change by the time I actually sit down to model it but for now, I'm fairly happy with it.

09 September 2005, 12:14 PM
Oh I forgot, I'll be posting my actual concept scene later on today. Thanks.

09 September 2005, 12:17 PM
I liked the back of the ship from lines and coloring and design...

Good luck with your entry... Have fun :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 12:23 PM
Thank you for your kind words eYadNesS. Wish you the best of luck too.

09 September 2005, 02:06 AM
Looking good Abdul. I like the sheer size of the object. lol and I like the fact that I know what it is cause when i first saw it i guessed wrong as to its purpose

09 September 2005, 02:18 AM
lol, can't blame ya, the sketch is kinda hard to understand. But I digress, Updates updates Vella.

09 September 2005, 07:54 AM (

Here's my scene concept...I'll be changing that prespective for sure. C&C welcome. Thanks.

09 September 2005, 01:44 PM (

Here's my concept pre-viz. The big block is going to be the carrier ship. The one part that's throwing me off is the big empty land, right (our right) from the main bulding. If anyone has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

09 September 2005, 09:44 AM
Hi Abdul, i wish you good luck too.
Very nice pre viz here, looks amazing, waiting for more :wip:

09 September 2005, 07:14 AM (

Thanks jddog.
Here's the start of the main ship. I've started modeling the engine first mainly because it'll be the closest to the camera. Any C&C welcome thanks.

09 September 2005, 07:20 AM

That's Very cool modeling

Good luck to you :)

My Thread (%20

09 September 2005, 09:45 AM
Thank you fgcity.

09 September 2005, 12:16 AM
Hi red, just to wish you a good luck, the ship looks cool.

09 September 2005, 08:55 PM (

Thank you Shortgrey, wish you look too.
Continued modeling of the ship. There's quite a bit of detail you can't see in this smaller image but you get the idea. Hopefully, I'll be finishing the engine tonight. And as usual, all c&c welcome. Thanks.

09 September 2005, 10:24 AM
Good luck and keep it up a good start!

09 September 2005, 10:42 PM (

Thank you sijen.
Well here's the finished engine. I might add more detail to the empty bit right beneath the main thruster. But for now, I think it looks alright. Now it's time to start on the rest of the body. C&C welcome, Thanks.

09 September 2005, 10:45 PM (

Here's a closeup of the engine.

09 September 2005, 11:06 PM
wow thats insane detail! very realistic! and great progress!
cheers man!

09 September 2005, 08:15 AM
Thank you yunisirees.

09 September 2005, 09:50 AM
dude, this looks great, will definitly look foward to seeing more of this! thanks for the comp on my work! best of luck to you too! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

My Spectacular (

09 September 2005, 11:01 AM
nice modeling ... looks to b gr8 ..

keep going .. :)

09 September 2005, 12:10 PM
Good luck and have fun.
Nice start! :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 06:33 AM
i like all the mechanical detailing you're already putting in! i look forward to seeing this image as it progresses. good luck with the challenge!

10 October 2005, 06:51 PM (

I haven't had much time in the past couple of weeks to really work on my image but I was able to do some more concept sketches. I'm finally happy with this concept. The end result, more or less, will be something along these lines.

I've done some different variations on the overall colour, feedback would be awesome :bounce:
Thanks you Baker17, maxspider3000, Ultemate, gavin youl.

10 October 2005, 06:56 PM
Here are all the variations I did.

10 October 2005, 07:01 PM
Last but not least, a different position for the ship.

10 October 2005, 07:29 PM
wow... I really like the feel of it... looks great.

10 October 2005, 10:40 PM
dude, your concepts are spectacular...


10 October 2005, 11:17 AM
Wow great backgound man. I love the colors.

10 October 2005, 11:25 AM
Red tats really nice concept I look forward to see the 3d part :) wish ya luck

10 October 2005, 11:48 AM
hi Red_Plague

wow all the variations a incredible! :thumbsup: carry on man this is great stuff ur doin!

10 October 2005, 11:54 AM
Awesome concept sketch! Great colours and composition! I like the first colour variation (the quite yellow.. but a bit lighter one), and the 3rd one (the cooler cyan...ish balance :P). I think the composition is nicer without the really dark sides. But looking good!! Good luck!

10 October 2005, 12:11 PM
loved the idea ...shaping up nicely...keep up the good work!!! will definately be following this one

10 October 2005, 06:39 PM
Wow, great atmosphere here. The grass looks a little bit fake though.

10 October 2005, 08:10 PM
The atmosfere on the first variation is the best! Awesome work.

10 October 2005, 05:17 AM (

I finally had the chance to go back and work on this image. After struggling for a bit on how I should create the grass, I went the most obvious way, paint effects. With the help of photoshop, the end result is this image. The background isn't done yet so please ignore it for now. C&C welcome.

Cyro-thank you
Squibbit-thank you
blasphemy3_d- thanks
Divaise-thank you, wish you luck too
yunisirees- Thank you
alfy-I agree with you and thanks.
CG-AvangarD-Thank you
gardogg-thanks and yeah, the grass was a quick sketch in photoshop.
dvelasco-Thank you.

10 October 2005, 07:41 AM
Rx Queen Hahaaaaa...i Gotta Get Over To Your Place And Talk Modeling And Texturing....looks Hot I'll Keep My Comments To Myself.....till I See You...but For Now Woe....looks Hot

10 October 2005, 11:00 AM
Wow, I love this picture, especially for its atmosphere and its lighting ambiance. Good work!:thumbsup:

10 October 2005, 12:31 PM
Beautiful landscape! :applause: :cry: :applause:
Love the colors, the details on the clouds and the light.

10 October 2005, 03:40 PM
THE CLYKE- damn it's been a while bud. Thanks for dropping by and I'll be seeing you in a short bit, I just read your e-mail.
agou- Thank you
SoniaNotRed- Thank you.

10 October 2005, 04:05 PM
Nice colors man this will be a great image.

10 October 2005, 10:49 PM
Thanks danielkenobi:D

10 October 2005, 11:53 PM
Hey Ali, great details on the ship engine and the rest. And the composition is coming along very nicely. Really inspired me there :thumbsup:

10 October 2005, 01:41 PM
how you create the grass ? 5stars for grass but didnt like vehicle concept :P

10 October 2005, 03:52 PM
Hi, I just wanted to say that I really like that grass looks, very smooth, and the lighting is just awesome. keep it up. :)

10 October 2005, 08:27 PM
Digital_Rebellion- Thank you, glad I could.:thumbsup:
hindus- Thanks for the feedback, sucks you don't like the ship :shrug:. I used paint effects to create the bulk of the grass and then I used photoshop to tweak and colour correct. This is just a still so I didn't have to worry about animation, so I was free to do just about whatever I wanted in comp.
jmturbo-Thanks man, glad you like it:D

10 October 2005, 08:38 PM
hey man...thats a very cool idea. and the escene is looking beautiful:thumbsup:

10 October 2005, 03:47 PM


10 October 2005, 04:00 PM
Looks great so far. I like the depth in the shot. I may have missed this but whats the story? Keep going!:thumbsup:

10 October 2005, 05:36 PM
everything fine but you should work more on rocks in background - higher resolution and front grass this one witch is blured

10 October 2005, 05:55 PM
Looooooooks great, waiting more :scream:

11 November 2005, 03:33 PM
Wow, from everything I've seen so far, this comes closest to "SPECTACULAR" really... Liked the close position of the ship more, though. Good luck!!! :D

11 November 2005, 11:41 AM
Nice ambiance in your bg. hope to see more soon.

11 November 2005, 01:14 AM (

I've gone back and finally worked on the sky. I'm in the comp stage right now with the ship and hopefully will be done by this sunday.

melkao- thank you
THE CLYKE- here you go after the long wait (though it is a small update). Wish you luck bud.

hindus-yeah, the backgroudn was just a stand-in. I'll have that fixed soon, I promise.
ilusiondigital-Thank you
echom- Thank you very much
authentic- Thank you

11 November 2005, 04:10 AM
Very pretty clouds! The grass also looks very cool and inviting. Looking forward to more!

11 November 2005, 08:55 AM
Glad to see you're back. good luck.

11 November 2005, 04:30 PM
magnificent looking sky and clouds! :thumbsup:

11 November 2005, 04:46 PM
you are definately flying high mano i can tell by the look of your incredible sky.great work(fantastic).

11 November 2005, 05:17 AM (

I've finally gotten around to adding the background though it's not finished yet. I worked on the sky a bit more and now it's completely unrealistic...but I like the way it looks. There's still quite a bit to fix and add so hopefully I'll be done in time.

11 November 2005, 05:20 AM
Mikeface-thank you
authentic-thank you, amazing entry on your part
ActionHank-thank you
immortalx-thank you

11 November 2005, 04:18 PM
Hey nice image you've made here :) your grass looks very sweet, the atmoshphere with it looks very cosy, :wavey: , The clouds looks interesting, maybe some glow to add on them would give a little blend, cause they have a very big color contrast, anyway good luck on your image :beer:

11 November 2005, 05:55 PM (

Working on the background still, about to add the trees on the mountains. Like the grass, I'm using painteffects then painting a bit in photoshop.

Crying Horn- For some reason my eyes couldn't see the contrast too much (maybe because i've been staring at this image for a while now) but I'll add an overall glow at the end to take down the contrast as per your suggestion. Thanks for the feedback:bounce:

11 November 2005, 03:07 PM
Exceptionally artistic.

11 November 2005, 04:12 PM
wow...hey man how you do these clouds?...they are jus spectacular....teach me to make that kind of clouds....please:twisted:

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