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09 September 2005, 07:21 PM
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09 September 2005, 08:01 PM
Hey guys, this is the first challenge I enter, although I have been on this forum for quite a long time. ;)

Good luck people... and most of all, have fun!

09 September 2005, 09:44 AM (

This is a rough picture of what I have in mind.
It is a city on an iceberg which will have some sort of propulsion system to keep it in the cold waters. I am thinking of adding some life to the picture, you will see what I have in mind... :)
The final image will not be as cartoony as the sketch ;)

09 September 2005, 09:51 AM
Nice looking concept :) Good luck with the competition ;) .

09 September 2005, 07:08 AM
That's something different from space and explosions, I like it!


09 September 2005, 09:17 PM (

Thanks guys!

This is the beginning of the dome. I have changed the concept ideea a lil' bit, too. It will be a floatng city, entirely manmade. I think it's better than on an iceberg, what do you think?

Story will come later.

09 September 2005, 02:33 PM
i think the floating city is a great idea although i wouldn't want to be in that city if a nuke went off there :P keep up the nice work! :) .

09 September 2005, 08:04 PM (

Hello again everybody. ;)

I didn't really have time for any updates lately... Because of school (damn it) but I managed to work on the entry a bit more this week-end... And made a water surface and underwater environment test and then put the dome in the whole thing to see how it all fits toghether :)

I wanna hear what you guys think.

09 September 2005, 08:15 PM
nice water man

keep it up :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 06:38 AM
Thanks, nice to see you here ;)

09 September 2005, 07:07 AM
Great concept, and great composition so far...
The wather and it's enviroment is cool ;)
Keep it up :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 09:35 AM
nice water indeed....
keep going mate

09 September 2005, 05:51 PM
Hi, refreshing concept and good start with the modeling. Water's nice too :) I think the floating city sounds safer on its own than resting on an iceberg. Icebergs are unpredictable, aren't they?

09 September 2005, 01:22 AM


Mike Nuts
09 September 2005, 02:56 AM
I see it has been mentioned again, but I also wanted to add: great concept! With a massive detailed city this could turn out really well, I'm looking forward to seeing your updates.

What did you use for the water? Reactor?

09 September 2005, 07:53 AM
Hi. i have an idea for this to make it more Spectacular. its not bad if you can combine it with a (Nuclear Explosions) in a sea ------------> some cool refrence

good luck :thumbsup:

09 September 2005, 09:09 PM
el_newty and loading, thanks guys, I'm glad the water turned out right :) Ma bucur sa va vad aici!

Digital_Rebellion, indeed they are, that's just what I was thinking ;)

pipiritruiqui, thanks man!

Mike Nuts, I'm working on the massive detailed city right now, updates will come in a short while, lot of work to do! :) And I'm thinking of massive detail below the water, too, you'll see.
The water is a simple box with a mental ray material with displacement.

ali_rahimi_3d, Hehe, it would be fun seeing the whole thing blow up, wouldn't it? :D But after that much work on making the city it would be a shame to blow it into pieces... I'll have to give it some thought ;) Thanks for the reply!

10 October 2005, 08:34 AM
hai lilcara ca asteptam update...

vrem update, vrem update! :scream:

curat lucrat pana acuma...

Keep working...

10 October 2005, 06:06 PM (

This is a buoy signal. More of these will float around the city. It really should be low-res but I made it kinda mid-res :)

Oh and sorry for the lack of updates, kinda busy with school, barely finding time to work :( Anyway, wish me luck for the math test tomorrow!

10 October 2005, 10:41 PM
Hi Mihai,

Your scene and models look realy great.
I will come back to watch the progress of this "cool" Idea ;)

Good luck to you!
Cheers :beer: Alex

10 October 2005, 05:05 PM (

Thanks vampeta for the reply!
About the update, you may ask yourselves, 'what does a mountain do between those buldings?'
Well, beats me ;)

10 October 2005, 05:59 PM (

I have finished the mountain and it's waterfalls.

Working on the city now ;)

10 October 2005, 12:33 PM
I like your idea, gives me a bit of a atlantis feeling:thumbsup:

my challenge entry (

10 October 2005, 09:47 AM (

Been a while without an update :) More to come.

10 October 2005, 10:06 PM (

Just to see how all go toghether again :) Some update on the modeling, too.

10 October 2005, 09:20 AM
good luck

10 October 2005, 09:57 AM
Oooo....inca una bucata roman!

Hai spor...tare ideea!

10 October 2005, 08:23 AM
Multam frumos ;)

11 November 2005, 02:42 PM
Great Idea! :thumbsup:
Succes !!!

11 November 2005, 03:39 PM
Hello, good work. I want to live in your futusitic city. I like your concept.
I wait for textures. One thing you need textures minimalist on your buildings because it is a magnificent "world"!
I want to see next updated.:thumbsup:

11 November 2005, 12:41 PM
succes! :thumbsup:

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