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09 September 2005, 10:39 AM
Attila Szigeti has entered "Spectacular 2D".

I've got plenty of ideas and inspiration for this one. I'm going to try to do a large composition with many characters and lots of scenery, since I've never really done that before.

It is truly going to be a challenge for me. :bounce:

Good luck to all who'll join in the fun ! :thumbsup:

A few themes coming to mind:

- 2065 The spectacular opening of the BodyShop - Get augmented bodyparts and become supehuman - picture: Augmented models on runway posing , lights flashing, crowd in awe

- 2010 The first public appearance of ETs - picture: President or even better the Pope is shaking hands with extra terestrials while crowd is cheering

- 2666 The second crucifixion of Christ - The four riders have come to take dominion over the earth , the first thing they do is capture the holy spirit a crucify it. - picture: The spirit is crucified on a stake of corpses, while the four riders try to tame their wild horses.

- 2166 Peter Szigeti arrives in London after a 2 minute trip around the world in cold-fusion powered hover mobile. - picture: Proud owner besides craft accepting an award for the achievement.

- 2045 First ever Skyhook ( operational transports passengers above atmosphere and back - picture: - picture: crowd gathered at skyhooks bottom station cheering for man to push the start button -

Feel free to barinstorm.... :scream:

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