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digital verve
09 September 2005, 10:05 AM
Alexander Hunter has entered "Spectacular 3D".

EDIT: Abandoned unfortunetly. Been TOO busy at work to get moving on this one. Hopefully next time I will have the time.

digital verve
09 September 2005, 08:49 PM
This is the idea I have chosen to do. I have written up some back story below as well as the proposed final image description. I will get the sketch done once I have free time.

Title: Inter-Species Water Football

The back story

Based on techniques learnt from the military, John Berry used retired US Navy dolphins and taught them ball games. Over time he managed to get them to work as a team to play a basic version of football (European style) using their noses and tail, but without an opposition team. Eventually he had two teams of five dolphins trained enough to compete against each other. This started to draw crowds, as it was much different to the usual dolphins jumping through hoops and balancing beach balls on their noses.

At this time a new water powered surfing board was invented, allowing the surfer full control in direction on the sea. Kind of like a jet ski but on your feet. Famous footballers started playing a variation of football on the ocean using the new boards. They could use their hands or knock the ball with their surfboard into floating goals. Overtime, this developed into a sport of its own.

The opposing goal posts would be attached (by long pole) so they would always be the same distance apart, but not anchored so they would float randomly across the ocean making it more a challenge for the players. The spectators watch from platforms suspended by helicopters that follow the action as the game drifts across the sea. Each platform holds 250 people lucky enough to afford the view.

John Berry organised a special game between his dolphins and the footballers. This brought in great crowds to this inter-species football game. The humans beat the dolphins twice. The third game though was a spectacular shocker. What does it say about our view of intelligence if we are beaten at a tactical game by another species?

The spectacular image

The dolphins beating the humans in Water Football in the third game. The main focus of the image will be Dolphin No. 4 nose butting the football past the human goalkeeper and into the net. In the background will be the other dolphin and human players. Watching the action will be thousands of spectators watching from platforms hovering above the sea, held in the air by cables connected to helicopters.

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