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09 September 2005, 06:09 AM
Welcome to the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art Forum. :applause:

In this thread we've collected a mass of links to some of the best tutorials, reviews and workshops contained within this forum. Student, Pro or are all encouraged to join in on the fun and participate in our active lessons.


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Notification of New Open Figure Drawing Workshops / + TUTORIALS - SUBSCRIBE HERE! (

09 September 2005, 06:10 AM
Rebecca provides valuable feedback and demonstrates the principles of Anatomical Art for beginner and advanced artists. See the fantastic work of artists from all over the world and join in on the discussion over the current lesson plan.

Rebecca Kimmel’s Anatomy Review 003: SHADING TUTORIAL AND HUMAN SKULL EXERCISE (
Rebecca Kimmel’s Anatomy Review 002: OPPOSING CURVES (
Rebecca Kimmel’s Anatomy Review 001: GESTURE (

NEW! I decided to summarize the Tutorial information so that it would be easier to browse and make use of. Please note that I have closed this thread for posting. Questions, comments, and WIP related to this thread should be posted to the Beginners' Lounge.

TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only (

09 September 2005, 06:10 AM
Beginners and professionals alike are welcome to join in this great Figure Drawing / Painting / 3D Sculpting Workshop, where we work from photographs of models. Excellent work in these threads!

Open Figure Drawing Workshop - HANDS - 023 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - NEW BARGUE - 022 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Angels & Devils - 021 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Mixed Masters - 020 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop 019 - The Awakening of the Underground Giant (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Hals, Waterhouse, Velazquez, and Leighton - 018 (

Open Figure Drawing Workshop 017 - All Participants' Final Pieces (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Sorolla, Zorn, Leon Master Copy - with Rebeccak 017 (

Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Rembrandt Master Copy - with Rebeccak 016 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Caravaggio Master Copy / Reference - with Rebeccak 015 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - William Bouguereau Master Copy - with Rebeccak 014 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop - William Bouguereau Master Copy - with Rebeccak 012 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Ron Eyre, Hong Ly and Rebeccak 011 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebeccak 010 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Ben Miller and Rebecca Kimmel 009 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 008 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 007 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Ron Eyre and Rebecca Kimmel 006 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Ben Miller, Liang Wang and Rebecca Kimmel 005 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with zhuzhu and Rebecca Kimmel 004 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 003 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 002 (
Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 001 (

09 September 2005, 06:11 AM
The Beginner's Drawing Workshop follows Betty Edwards' classic book, The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Join in to follow these classic exercises. Book purchase required for participation.

BEGINNER’S DRAWING WORKSHOP 001: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (

09 September 2005, 06:11 AM
The Master Studies series examines the work of Master artists such as Rubens, Michaelangelo and others. Sharpen your skills as you test yourself against the Masters!

MASTER STUDY 002: Rubens Workshop (
MASTER STUDY 001: Michaelangelo’s Libyan Sibyl – graphite + prismacolor process by magic man (

09 September 2005, 06:12 AM
Excellent digital painting tutorial which has been a runaway hit! Nebezial is an incredible 2D artist who has generously shared his now famous blending techniques!

TUTORIAL - Digital Anatomy Painting by Nebezial (Photoshop) (

09 September 2005, 06:13 AM
Zhuzhu is another incredible artist who is a regular on the forum and who paints digitally in a style which looks traditional. Check out some of zhuzhu's fantastic work on the Open Figure Drawing Workshop threads as well!

TUTORIAL – Watercolor in Digital – by zhuzhu (

09 September 2005, 06:13 AM
Desp#2/Rog is a valued member of the community who has generously shared his knowledge of digital painting with us in these excellent video tutorials. Watch as he demos some great techniques for digital painting!

TUTORIAL – Concept Detractive Drawing: Videos by Desp#2/Rog (

09 September 2005, 06:13 AM
Dbclemons has generously provided us with this short tutorial on using a mirror image trick to paint a better portrait. Check out his great work on the Open Figure Drawing Workshop threads as well!

TUTORIAL – Portraits Mirror Image – by dbclemons (

09 September 2005, 10:09 PM
Rebecca Kimmel discusses and shows Shading Techniques in Various Media.
(Thanks to warpyy for suggesting the idea!)

TUTORIAL - Shading Techniques (Various Media) - by Rebeccak (

Samanthie gives a great breakdown of Color Figurative Painting in Photoshop.

TUTORIAL - Digital Figure Painting - by Samanthie (

Slux gives a nice breakdown of pencils and technique in this great Shading Tutorial.

Shading Tutorial by Slux (

Rebecca demos her WIP piece for OFDW 002 - Black / White digital painting.

TUTORIAL - Digital Figurative Painting from OFDW - by Rebeccak (

An excellent grayscale to color digital painting Tutorial on Steven Stahlberg's website, not the Anatomy Forum:


09 September 2005, 11:51 PM
Sheff shows a quick technique for adding shapes and volume to a line drawing with PrismaColor pencils and Turpenoid solution.

TUTORIAL - Turpenoid PrismaColor Technique - by Sheff (

11 November 2005, 07:05 PM
Sketchbook / Anatomy / Figurative Threads of Individual Users:

EDIT: PLEASE NOTE that the naming convention for Personal Threads has changed, but that I will not be changing "Anatomy" to "Sketchbook" here. The links remain the same, only the titles have changed for most linked threads from "Anatomy Thread of *name*" to "Sketchbook Thread of *name*"

For more information about Personal Threads, please read this:

FAQ: Can I Create My Own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread? (

Anatomy Thread of Afgal (
Anatomy Thread of Aggie93 (
Anatomy Thread of ah.heng (
Anatomy Thread of Aidan Celeste (aceofamity) (
Anatomy Thread of Ailsa McPherson (
Anatomy Thread of Amerasu (
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Anatomy Thread of dcheng7475 ( (3D)
Anatomy Thread of default.rol (
Anatomy and Concept Thread of depleteD (
Anatomy thread of demented (
Anatomy Thread of DigiEgg (
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Anatomy Thread of Dynasty (
Anatomy Thread of El Chief (
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Humble beginnings (
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Learning How to Draw, A Journal by warpy (
(Anatomy Thread of warpy Part 2)

SP Overdrive: Erilaz vs. Gorgnut vs. LoTekk vs. the occasional Kimmie vs. Whomever!!! (
(Self Portrait Challenge)

Summer Classes at the Corcoran (
(Anatomy Thread of MagicRubber)

The Mixtape: The Anatomy Art of Pusha V (
(Anatomy Thread of pushav)

Warppy's SketchBook (
(Anatomy Thread of Warppy)

11 November 2005, 07:25 PM
Join us in this great opportunity to spend just 15 minutes drawing / painting a dynamic pose in any medium!

Hosted by Queensoul and Martin "erilaz" Brennand, two suuuuper CGTalkers with a lot of energy to share! :)

Don't miss out!!! New poses posted daily.

The Sketchathon is comprised of 2 threads:

I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 1: Reference (
New images posted daily! Use these Reference images for Thread 2.

I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches (
Here is where you can post your Sketches done from the References in Thread 1.

11 November 2005, 02:53 AM
Shy about posting your work? Don't be! Check out the place for Beginners to hang out, post work, and discuss it amongst a group of helpful friends.

(' Lounge (

12 December 2005, 07:23 PM
All 3D Digital Artists are welcome to show off their stuff and receive critiques here:



12 December 2005, 06:57 AM
WIP/Critique: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art Forum Leader Kirt Stanke provides some great exercises and pointers to help artists of all stripes to improve their 2D artwork. Follow the exercises, and watch as your art improves!

Simple theories and excercises to improve your drawings (

12 December 2005, 03:45 AM
A convenient way to find threads here on the Anatomy Forum by Experience Level /

THE Anatomy Forum Referral Thread - Resources by Level of Experience / Category (

12 December 2005, 07:03 AM
Excellent Composition Tutorial by Phillip Straub.

12 December 2005, 08:00 PM
Another Index of Threads here on the Anatomy Forum, grouped according to Level of Experience / 2D / 3D:

THE Anatomy Forum Referral Thread - Resources by Level of Experience / Category (

12 December 2005, 10:14 PM
The Original Index of the Anatomy Forum ~ contains older threads, which may not have been posted to in a while. I will work to update this list as it is not yet comprehensive.

Forum Links - Find Threads Fast! (

01 January 2006, 02:23 AM
Excellent Sequential Art / Storyboarding Tutorial! Definitely check it out:

TUTORIAL - SEQUENTIAL ART by eliseu gouveia (

01 January 2006, 10:26 PM
Try out some simple Color Exercises in this informal workshop, where the focus is on group interaction and critique:

Color Theory and The Human Figure - NUDITY (

01 January 2006, 11:30 PM
Amerasu generously offers her Digital Painting tips and techniques in this outstanding Tutorial based on Photo Reference of nude models ~ definitely worth checking out!

TUTORIAL - Digital Anatomy Painting by Amerasu (

01 January 2006, 04:15 PM
An EXCELLENT resource containing links to movies of x~rayed Anatomy, Anatomy sites, and more! Thanks to M.E.L., a CGTalk user and Character TD for this great source of Anatomical information!

Anatomy Resource/Reference - M.E.L. (

01 January 2006, 09:08 PM
A sure to be exciting set of Speed Painting Tutorials by the Master Speed Painter himself, m@!

TUTORIALS - Speed Paints Step by Step - by m@ ( (

01 January 2006, 04:59 PM
Michael Menter, moderator of the The Society of Figurative Art Forum (TSOFA) offers his valuable advice on Traditional Figure Drawing here:

TUTORIALS - Traditional Figure Drawing - by Doctor Bone (

02 February 2006, 09:08 PM
A great Digital Figurative Painting Tutorial (Photoshop) by Elsie, detailing the process by which she created her excellent copy of Bouguereau's Master Painting, Dante et Virgil aux Enfers:

Tutorial - Digital OFDW 012 Bouguereau Master Copy - by Elsie (

02 February 2006, 08:57 PM
A fantastic Digital Character Design Tutorial by our own Modern Master Nebezial:

Character Design Tutorials and Rules (

A very nice Digital Comic Coloring Tutorial by warpyy:

TUTORIAL - Comic Pinup Coloring - by Warpyy (

04 April 2006, 02:38 PM
Learn how to use ArtRage 2.0 with digital master zhuzhu!

TUTORIAL - Have Fun With ArtRage 2 - by zhuzhu (

04 April 2006, 02:55 AM
Learn some great Painting with Textures tips in PS with digital master zhuzhu!

TUTORIAL - Texture Tips in Digital Painting(Photoshop) - by zhuzhu (

04 April 2006, 01:35 AM
Carlos Cabrera brings folks 3 great & free Photoshop Concept Art Tutorials:

TUTORIALS - Concept Art with Carlos Cabrera:

A new (3rd) Tutorial has been added as of May 7, 2006.

04 April 2006, 12:02 AM
An excellent step~by~step Digital Painting Tutorial in Photoshop (by DigitalSol) of his excellent OFDW 015 Caravaggio Master Copy:

Tutorial - Digital Paint for OFDW Caravaggio Master Copy - by DigitalSol (

04 April 2006, 10:35 PM
A great hand modeling Workshop run by Simo, using ZBrush primarily, but all software packages are welcome:

3D Workshop: Digital Anatomy Sculpture 1! The human hand - With Simon Roth (

04 April 2006, 11:29 PM
TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only:

I decided to summarize the Tutorial information so that it would be easier to browse and make use of. Please note that I have closed this thread for posting. Questions, comments, and WIP related to this thread should be posted to the Beginners' Lounge.

TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only (

05 May 2006, 03:28 AM
Experienced artist Thomasphoenix kicks off his Tutorial Thread covering Traditional and Digital Figure Drawing:

TUTORIALS - A Layered Approach to Drawing From Imagination - by Thomasphoenix (


05 May 2006, 09:44 PM
Photoshop and Painter Resources:

The best resource, CGTalk's Photoshop and Painter Forums:

Photoshop and Painter Forums (

Photoshop Tutorials (

Custom Painter Brushes (

External Links:

Photoshop Basics (


05 May 2006, 03:38 AM
Maya Master Steven Stahlberg hosts this great new Tutorial / Paintover thread, in which he corrects and offers advice for nearly finished 2D and 3D work alike:

"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg (

05 May 2006, 12:08 AM
Digital Painting Master graciously details his process for creating his fanciful and funny creatures here:

Tutorial - Creature Design by Bobby Chiu (

05 May 2006, 07:10 PM
In a well~written Tutorial, artist Dan Silverman graciously outlines the procedure for creating his excellent Open Figure Drawing Workshop 017 Master Copy here:

Tutorial - Master Copy for OFDW 017 - By Dan Silverman (

05 May 2006, 12:48 AM
Learn how to get started with a basic materials list for painting with Acrylics:

Acrylic Painting Tips (

05 May 2006, 10:54 PM
Learn how to get started with a basic materials list for painting with Oils:

TUTORIAL - Oil Painting Tips (

05 May 2006, 10:55 PM
Get your hands dirty again with Traditional Media and join in this ongoing Workshop, which is for Traditional Media (Pencil) ONLY:

WORKSHOP- Drawing Exercises to Try - Traditional Media Only (

06 June 2006, 08:27 AM
Join this Workshop specifically geared toward beginners in digital painting. Learn techniques for getting used to your brand new Wacom tablet and much more! All are welcome to add their Tutorials to this thread.

Digital Painting: Tips and Techniques for Beginners With David René & Matt Ellis. (

10 October 2006, 09:37 PM
Participate in these highly interactive Workshops and draw / paint / sculpt digitally or traditionally 50 Master Copies in one month:

Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 1 - The Head (

Anatomy Lesson Series: Body Part 2 - The Torso (

10 October 2006, 09:39 PM
Excellent digital painting video tutorials by Bobby Chiu - watch a great demo + hear Bobby's thoughts on his art process and philosophy as an independent artist:

TUTORIALS - Digital Painting Video Sketchbook - by Bobby Chiu (

10 October 2006, 09:41 PM
Watch architectus digitally paint a master copy in this free digital painting video tutorial:

FREE digital painting video tutorial - (1700 style nudity) - by architectus (

10 October 2006, 09:44 PM
A Traditional Cross Hatching Tutorial which helps to explain how to break down form in terms of planes:

TUTORIAL - General Principles of Anatomical and Figurative Art / Cross Hatching (

10 October 2006, 09:47 PM
Watch the amazingly talented artist zhuzhu in action and follow his Open Canvas files as he paints 50 Portrait Master copies here:

TUTORIALS - The Head Killer (OC Files from the 50 Portraits Workshop) - by zhuzhu (

01 January 2007, 01:57 AM
Learn from the prolific and talented artist TScholes with gif and PSD demos on topics ranging from the Figure to Color, to be found in abundance here:

('s from some Idiot: Step by Steps, PSDs and Videos (Nudity) (56kBeware) (

01 January 2007, 05:50 AM
Learn from a very nice walk through provided by talented 2D/3D Artist Intervain, who recently completed two lovely Ingres Master Copies for the Open Figure Drawing Workshop 020 Mixed Masters:

TUTORIAL: Ingres - Walk Intervain ( (

04 April 2007, 04:30 PM
This Character Design Workshop, led by default-rol / Michael Rollinson, runs every 2 weeks on the Anatomy Forum:

The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 001 (
The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 002 (
The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 003 (
The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 004 (
The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 005 (
The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 006 (
CAFÉ Special Stage 01 - THE MALE ÉCORCHÉ (

08 August 2007, 01:41 AM
Join in on this month-long 3D Sculpting Workshop run by Intervain:

3d Sculpting Workshop - Old Age (

12 December 2007, 01:15 AM
Join in on this month-long 3D Sculpting Workshop run by Intervain:

3D Sculpting Workshop - MOTION (

01 January 2009, 04:32 AM
Stretch your imaginations during this 2 Week / 2D and 3D Workshop:

Imaginative Figure Workshop #001: Self Portrait As A Creature