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08 August 2005, 07:38 AM
I just finished writing Lipscript, a free maxscript to integrate the data generated by 'The Lipsync Tool' into 3ds Max.
'Lipsync Tool' is an interactive application that provides powerful automatic lipsync synchronization.

My script can be used to generate Lipsync for :

~Morph based Facial Setups,
~Bone based Facial Setups,
~Setups using a combination of both, and also
~Facial rigs run by spinner based custom Attributes, sliders, etc.

Download Links :
Download Lipscript Ver 1 (
Download Lipscript Help (

Lipsync Tool is capable of recognizing 40 different phonemes. Using my script, you can
combine these phonemes in any order to make different visemes, which then can be
mapped to a facial setup, be it morph-based, bone-based or custom-attribute-based.
For example, you could either map "m", "b" and "p" to separate morph targets/sliders/bone
Controls or you could club all 3 together and map the combined viseme.
Same for all the 40 phonemes.

Please note that you have to install 'Lipsync Tool' for you to be able to fully use Lipscript.
You can get a free trial version of Lipsync Tool (save/export enabled) by sending a request to
Lipsync Tool homepage : (

Screenshots of my script:
Lipscript screen 1 ( Lipscript screen 2 (

Please read the help file for more info on usage

bug reports/comments/suggestions/more info request to : Sub: Lipscript


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08 August 2005, 07:38 AM
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