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08 August 2005, 04:35 PM
I'm learning dreamweaver right now and so I'm redesigning my website. One of the pages I've got in mind is a Lightwave FAQ's page which I've discussed with a few people before. I would love to hear some of the questions that you commonly see come up on the forums that beginners and seasoned people alike ask. Also, if you know the answer, you may want to give that too as there's a good chance that I may not know so it would be sort of useless to put online in that case.

Some example questions that I see quite a bit:

Why does my object seem to disappear in Layout when the camera gets closer to it?
How do I get rid of surfaces on my object?
I tried using a boolean on my subpatch model and now it's all messed up!

Stuff like that but hopefully not just RTFM kind of questions but maybe more advanced questions as well.

I plan on placing them in categories such as modeling, rigging, dynamics, lighting, rendering, etc.... and placing page anchors so you can jump right from the question down to the answer and perhaps right back to where you jumped from.

08 August 2005, 04:59 PM
Something like "Everytime I render my camera jumps back to it's original position and renders from the wrong position. What do I do?" is very common newbie question, atleast over at NT forums. Obviously they don't know about keyframes yet, don't have autokey on or didn't to place a key manually.

08 August 2005, 09:22 PM
I saved my scene, but my objects lost their surfaces.

Why won't my scene render (shadows, reflections, refraction)?

Where's AA?

How do I remove an envelope?

Where's the undo?

What's the best codec for rendering animations in LW? (Trick question. Answer: image sequence is best, preferably targa)

Maybe do a search for "rtfm" and you'll get more ideas. :D

08 August 2005, 11:59 PM
like this ?

08 August 2005, 08:10 PM
Hey, I didn't know that one existed. I did a search for a Lightwave Faq's page but couldn't fine one. And yes, something like that but I hope to go into a bit more detail and perhaps add some picture example links to some questions.

08 August 2005, 08:50 PM
yep, it's an oldie, but still cool.

If you do a new one i hop you do it in php and with a database, that way you can easily add to the questions, also add the version applicable (like specific Q's to 8.3 for instance)

the biggest one I slapped my head for is this one :
if you bake a texture to a 32 bit image format
and load that texture back in LW you won't see much because the alpha is inversed on baked images.

08 August 2005, 09:24 PM
The website is up and the FAQ's page is there. It's all a work in progress so don't be too harsh on me yet. As far as the FAQ's page go, right now there are just enough questions for some modeler/layout questions. As the number of questions grow, I'm going to further break it up into things like UV's, modeling, keyframing, texture mapping, etc.....

Also, I miss seeing the wireframe depot (is it still around?). I'd like to add a public wireframe gallery to my site so if you have any impressive wireframes you'd like to showcase, send them my way and I'll post them.

There are also 20 free textures there which were on my old site. My new girlfriend has a *****in camera so I plan on adding more in the future.

Still have to put a space for my personal stuff as well. Keep the feedback coming.

Here's the link: (

Bytehawk, I'm just learning dreamweaver and I haven't used databases yet so that may come in the future (I'm sure I'll learn that in my time at DeVry eventually- I still haven't taken web programming yet). But I will certainly keep those things in mind and also consider the version specific questions as well. Thanks for the great suggestions.

08 August 2005, 09:43 AM
I updated again. Changed the size of some of the items because someone pointed out that it was pretty freakin huge on lower rez resolutions so those running at smaller rez shouldn't have to scroll now to see the front page nav buttons. I also changed the color of the text on the site to hopefully make it more pleasant to read.

As I said, a work in progress....

08 August 2005, 09:33 PM
Added some more faqs to the FAQs section as well as some starting categories that you can jump directly to the selected section via anchors.

Also changed the rollover buttons on the index page so that they still show the link names when you put your mouse cursor over them.

Added a tutorial to the tutorial section and posted the first wire in the wireframes gallery.

Keep the faqs suggestions coming and feel free to submit any impressive wireframe pics you have of your models for the gallery.

08 August 2005, 12:37 AM
Hey mate,

Long time no see. Great Idea you have there. One thing that pals keep asking me very often is about the selection method in LW. May be something on this as well could help others a lot. Take care buddy. c ya.:thumbsup:

08 August 2005, 03:21 AM
You know what would be neat? An FAQ for users of other apps to stop by. I.e. "q. I use 3DS Max. Does Lightwave have MeshSmooth? a. Yes. Lightwave has a feature called 'meta-nurbs' that is very similar to MeshSmooth. To use it..."

Err I only bring that up because I was helping a friend learn LW the other day. :)

08 August 2005, 03:27 AM
q. How do you make a box/cube/disc/sphere to a certain size?

a. Press the 'n' key to open the numeric panel. It is recommended that you leave this window open as it is your interface for all of Modeler's tools.

08 August 2005, 11:12 PM
You know what would be neat? An FAQ for users of other apps to stop by. I.e. "q. I use 3DS Max. Does Lightwave have MeshSmooth? a. Yes. Lightwave has a feature called 'meta-nurbs' that is very similar to MeshSmooth. To use it..."

Err I only bring that up because I was helping a friend learn LW the other day. :)

That's a good idea NanoGator. I didn't even think of faqs by people who pop into the LW forums occasionally to ask questions on how their app compares to lightwave. I'll definately add a section for that.

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