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08-16-2005, 02:00 AM
My names Nathan Weiner and I just put together a reel of the work I've done in the past year. It includes commerical and self-created projects. Been teaching myself 3D for a year and a half. Looking for more work, and still hoping to learn much more.

Sorry about the small window size, dont have a ton of bandwidth to throw around here.

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Quicktime - 25 MB
Run Time: 3:00

08-16-2005, 02:56 PM
Hey Nathan,

First thing that strikes me - the BMX sequence in the beginning - the dynamics of the jumps are way too stiff. It's a uniform speed thru the entire motion. I really think you should tweak the ease-in, ease-out to show a variation of speed thru the jump - right now you can't get any sense of the momentum of the rider. There's also a couple areas where his motion continues in the direction he's riding farther than feels natural - again - I think tweaking the ease-in/ease-out will make gravity more tangible in the animation.

The biggest question I have after watching this demoreel is "what does this guy want to do?"
You've obviously got some experience in several fields - modeling/shading, animation, some compositing... I'm confused as to which area your wanting to be employed - but upon visiting your website - it seems that you offer these services from a design firm perspective?...

Maybe I'm reading too hard into the intent of your reel? Overall I think it's an impressive reel...


08-17-2005, 01:09 PM
First thing that strikes me - the BMX sequence in the beginning - the dynamics of the jumps are way too stiff.

I do agree that some of the animations could be better, but I had to deliver 3 dozen of them in a very short amount of time, so they all got about 3-4 hours of work a piece.

The biggest question I have after watching this demoreel is "what does this guy want to do?"

Point well taken. Right now I'm just looking for a job where I can continue to make graphics in 3D, however that comes. I'm trying to save money to go to VFS next year for special FX, so in the meantime I'd still really like to progress in my skills/experience. So I tried to make the reel fairly diverse.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

08-17-2005, 01:59 PM
I see talent here and wish you the best of luck on ending up doing what you want to do, I just encourage you to specilize in one - maybe two areas and refine the heck out of it... Spreading your skills over every aspect of 3d just dosen't work in practice... Everything will end up looking *75% 'done'...

It's that final *10% of the refining that will take *90% of your time - and it's the quality of the work you do in that final *10% that will set your work apart from the next guy...

*(95% of all statistics are made up...)

08-18-2005, 01:22 PM
*(95% of all statistics are made up...)

hahaha, its true

Hey Nathan, I agree that its best in practice to focus on one area, and in the future I plan to, but as I said, I've only been at this for a year and a half (more like just a year since I started making anything I liked). And I feel that, at least in the begining its good to learn a bit of everything so that you can use that experience to better understand the whole process. Also, with little experience in the beginging, its hard to find a job where you can claim that you specialize in a certain task, as a freelancer I've had to do graphics from start to finish, and all in between.

Thanks for your comments.

Anyone else have anything to say? Almost 300 people have viewed this thread, but only one has said anything. Anyone have something they liked? or didnt like?

Any comments would be helpful. Thanks

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08-18-2005, 01:22 PM
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