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08 August 2005, 08:46 PM
Gawd, I'm can't stand this not having a perspective view!
I just want the option to have that view, so I can look down at my 3D terrain and rotate
that terrain around while I'm editing things, like a camera's path or anything else for that matter.
I can't find an easy way to plot a path that follows the form of my hills when I can't SEE
the hill's shape, except only in top view or side, front view, which are pointless for trying
to figure out where you are at with reguards to where your camera is actually at.
This having to convert your terrain into a grey scale and then load that into PS and
from there TRYYYYY and figure out exactly which parts of that terrain you are trying
to plot your path to, and THEN have to make a road outline of some sort, just so you
can SEEE where the path is that you want your camera to follow along at, even
though in the end, there won't actualy BE any road or path on the ground.

Now, maybe someone has already found an easy way to plot your camera's path,
and if so, let me know, cuz I've been tryin and can't find one?

Anyway, so far no crashes yet, and I've been at it for a couple of hours.
Though I DO get some weird OpenGL left overs like part of a window still
sitting inside of another window, but not sure what to do about that yet?

Anyway, gotta dig out the old manual and see IF I can findhow you edit a path,
once you've made one that follows the form of the terrain.

Hopefully, I'll be able to find that?
Not sure what that's called, so I don't know what to look up in the manual? :)
Oh, and I've been on the internet this whole time too!
Keeping my fingers crossed LOL :)


Kevin Sanderson
08 August 2005, 10:41 PM
Hey Mark,

You have good suggestions. Why don't you post at the e-on forums or have I missed them? I noticed e-on staff actually answer questions there. At least they would see them...can't recall seeing any e-on folks posting here.


08 August 2005, 11:32 PM
Can't say as I know anything about stuff related to animating yet. But I noticed your comments about crashes and such.

Sounds like your Vue is behaving like mine, now. I've been getting those leftover boxes, too. It seems new to this build... at least for me. I've been a good (and patient) boy, and waiting for those leftovers to go away before moving on (well, not always waiting). I'll check email, or go grab a beer, if it seems like it'll be a long wait. Even when I don't wait, everything seems okay. Guess I've grown more paranoid.... Vue does that to me.

08 August 2005, 11:48 PM
Thanx Kevin, and yes, I do plan on posting quite a few things over there, but really,
I've been pretty busy disecting things here and when I get ready, then I'll post up a
nice list of things as well as screen captures that I've been saving up here and
other things like that.
So, I will be getting to that probably in the next day or so.
I'm also trying to narrow these things down a bit more before I post anything to them,
as I've been going through loads of proceedures since I got up at 4:30am this early
morning and am actually moving right along pretty good.

As for those left over boxes, I've almost got that figured out, but for what I'm doing, I am
just putting up with it for now, and then I'll shut the thing off and chill out and render away.

Anybody know how other people make those aledged infinite terrains?
I don't even see those as an option in ANY part of the terrain editor?
And adding more giant masses of terrains, kills my system pretty quick,
even when I chop the size (detail) of the mesh down to nothing.

Just crashed it right now when I pushed my luck too far LOL
But, for crashes, i've only had three the whole day!

Learning a lot about animating, that's for sure.
Oh, and one other thing.
Since I posted about the Perspective view I wished they had, I sort of figured
out another method, trouble is, that's also seems to be part of the
problem with the left over windows still showing up.
because you NEED to have one of the OpenGl settings ON in order
for you to be able to SEE where you are laying out your path. :)


08 August 2005, 02:22 PM
To make the terrain "infinite" you have to size up the terrain to around 5000-6000 in the re-sizing area. The top right box.

As far as the terrain perspective, not sure if this what you are looking for, anyway, while in the terrain editor, right click & drag your mouse & you can rotate & turn your terrain around.

08 August 2005, 03:59 PM
OK, thanx and stuff, but I guess I should of been more clear about the infinite terrains.
See, the deal is and why I asked how others do it their far far away sized terrains is,
that I get messages telling ME, that IF I try to populate anything that large,
it's going to fry out on me, so of course I never do that then.
It's like, I see other images that people have made or are currently working on,
and those things are HUUUGGGEEEE, and I just have to wonder what gigantic
system they have running to be able to do that without getting that message?
And crashing if they had tried?
Like that narly city with the aliens taking away people from earth that's by a
city's water front port with the ships and all the buildings.
I feel I have just about as good a system as most other people do, with 2gigs ram
and 3ghz cpu and all that other stuff, so I should be able to do large scenes too, right?

Anyway, as for the rotating in the requested perspective view, the terrain editorwould
never work, since I can't move the camera around while in that editor, which is what I want.
Cuz I know about being able to rotate around with the control key held down and all like that,
but that's always while you're in some panel and I want to do that in a regular view, like in LW.

Doesn't matter that much though now anyway, since I found another method that
one out of several tries will work, if Vue doesn't start to crash that is LOL
If you use the Animation Wizard, you can adjust you camera path from there, sort of.
But this all depends on whether or not Vue is going to let you SEE the shadows of
your hills and such while in that wizard, because if it won't let you, then everything is
flat looking like one solid shape with no form to it and thus you can't tell where the hills are?
There were some other work arounds I figured out, but now I'm kinda burnt out on dealing with those, so I'll get back to everyone later, on what I tried out and all.

Just so everyone knows, I was trying to use Pedestrian for the camera's movement.
I wanted it to look like someone was sort of like moving over the terrain with a camera.
Kinda gave up around... um... whenever time it was early this moring LOL

I'll get back to it, later, as I'm going back to bed :) :)

08 August 2005, 09:31 PM
*heh* in a perfect world, Vue5Infinite would not be connected to Max via Fusion, but just get smooshed together. That'd give Max users a decent atmospheric, landscape, and plantlife solution. And It'd give Vue users interface, modeling, and rigging options that everyone craves.

I guess simplicity and functionality are still a long ways apart. :D

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08 August 2005, 09:31 PM
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