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08 August 2005, 02:44 AM
Sorry to do this, but I just registered, so I'll port the thread over from

This is a little piece I'm doing for the Blizzard Fanart contset. The premise behind the shot is that Sylvanis (the woman) has charmed the Abomination into submission and is taking it for a walk.

It's still very rough right now, but if you guys could point anything out to me before I get any farther, I'd really appreciate it!
I really don't like how the sutures look.... any advice?

Here's a rough sketch of what the finished composition will look like. The squiggles to the left are the undead, while the squiggly thing below them is a dead Paladin (to be added if it doesn't clutter things up terribly, plus to give the undead a reason to be standing there)

And the basic color scheme for the new, jollier Sylvanis

More Sylvanis! I really liked the washed-out colors of the picture above, so I think I'll go tweak her levels once I finish.

OK, I think she's jsut about done. I'm going to move on unless I get some crits!

Arms shaded, cloth arround neck dulled down, few more layers of paint.


Moving on to the final composition....

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08 August 2005, 02:44 AM
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