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08 August 2005, 10:23 PM
I have been struggling now for days trying to get Vue to save a high resolution graphic. There are so many bugs in this software that I have just about given up! When I go to save to disk at the very end it says that it's unable to write to the disk because there's not enough disk space. I have 230 gigs free! If I try to save to the screen it gets about 1/8 through the process then just disappears to the desk top! I have tried everything including a complete re-install of Vue. I Now have to go tell my client that I can't do his job because the new $600.00 piece of software can't save his image. I have written many e-mails to Tech support about dozens of bugs , sent many files, and nothing has been fixed yet. I am really at the end of wasting my time with this package. I am tired of being a beta tester and not getting anything for it. Someone please tell me what secret there is to saving a high res image. The image size is 17"X11" at 300dpi. That's a walk in the park for Lightwave. I am running on a Mac G5 2.7 gig machine with 2.5 gigs of ram, and OS10.4.2. What a major disappointment!!

Kevin Sanderson
08 August 2005, 10:27 AM
I did a basic scene (17 objects, 1 light) at 17x11/300 dpi (took 31min 49 sec) and for some reason Photoshop reads the targa as 72 dpi and 50 inches, etc. But it resizes beautifully to 17x11 at 300dpi. Maybe it's something in the save to a Targa (tga) file. No crashes, though, and it saved it with no problem. I did notice when I was experimenting with Photoshop and trying to resize by just changing it to 300 dpi, Photoshop made an 830MB file! Maybe it's a problem of what file format you are saving to disk (maybe Vue builds it in available RAM before writing the complete file to the disk and if you're out of goes kaput). I know tif files are usually larger, if you're saving as a tif. Maybe there's another file format you can try, like Targa, and then resize inches and dpi at the same time when you have the finished file in Photoshop and then convert it to your preferred file format).

The other thing, as I know scenes loaded with polygons and many lights take longer...maybe you can try breaking everything into multiple layers...that's supposed to save some time according to a list of suggestions I found over at Renderosity's Vue forum for saving render time.

I'm on a PC, a homebrew Athlon 2500+, 1Gig Corsair XMS Extreme DDR3200 RAM, Maxtor 300GB HD, ASUS motherboard, ASUS/ATI 256MB video card, Windows XP Pro SP2, Vue 5i v5.07-02 Build 277255, but it shouldn't make any difference what kind of computer and OS you're running. I haven't read of any differences between Mac and PC performance in Vue, though I may have missed them. Not an expert yet.


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08 August 2005, 10:27 AM
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