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View Full Version : mandala (or sg similar) animation

08-10-2005, 11:59 PM

this was done in max just for fun in 2 days till this point ,
I'm curious about what you think of the latest version! (although i posted the earlier tests as well if you're interested)
does it look dumb/simple/etc :) and if yes, why.. ?

i recommend you download them, and go fullscreen while playing, and set loop to pingpong ;) then watch for a few minutes ;)

www.p3d.hu/mandalaweb.mov (http://www.p3d.hu/mandalaweb.mov) - 2 megs - first version -scanline render
www.p3d.hu/mandala_v2.mov (http://www.p3d.hu/mandala_v2.mov%20) - 16 megs - second version - scanline render with more dof
www.p3d.hu/mandalaae_2.mov (http://www.p3d.hu/mandalaae_2.mov) - 20 megs - latest version - brazil render with aftereffects postprocessing.

sorry for the big filesizes, more compressed versions looked ugly because of the loss of sweet pixels... :)

here is a screen from max's viewports:
(the hungarian text means: the camera is going this way during the 500 frames of animation)


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08-10-2005, 11:59 PM
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