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08 August 2005, 08:40 AM
I've been lurking for quite a while and need some motivation. So I thought I'd try this here compo.

My arthropod will be based on a giant stick insect from a foreign planet covered in knarly, dark and menacing jungle. The "mace" insect has huge thorn like spikes protruding from it's tail which aid in camouflage and give it a nasty attack. Once subdued, however, it can be used as a makeshift club or mace but the player must be carefull not to allow it to walk away or attack him during combat.

The "mace" insect is for a third person adventure game and can be used as a prop (boobytrap), an enemy, and a weapon. It would be a bit larger than a baseball bat.

Here is a concept sketch:-

And a roughed up mesh needing a lot more detail:-

Let me know what you think?

08 August 2005, 12:47 PM
A quick lunchtime update to the legs to make them more weapon like

08 August 2005, 12:49 PM
A bit more work on the mesh and a different view shows off the form a little better. I still need to work up the head and i'm running out of tris already.

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08 August 2005, 12:49 PM
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