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08 August 2005, 10:09 AM
Hi everyone! My latest character is causing me brain insanity. It is made of polys in uncombined parts: Head, body and couple of hands.
I could imagine to work on the other part of the body weights as I already did for the first but I've got vertices (only 2) that refuse to be weighted. Their color shows (black or white) when I paint them but they still won't obey!! I tried the component editor several times and they are assigned to the correct bones. I tried to unlock all my weights but still nothing.
So now I have half of a body correctly weighted and the other that sadly, only mirrors the neck values, plus those vertices that I like to qualify as acting "strange".
I wonder now if it comes from the fact that some body parts are sharing weight values but aren't combined... By the way this creates new clusters when binding and I doubt it is a good thing??
Any help is sure welcome.

08 August 2005, 11:17 PM
you can sometimes get funky problems when duplicating mesh with a negative transform.. which is maybe what your have done.. i'd export all mesh to *.fbx.. not *.ma or *.mb and reimport it into a fresh scene... doing this will essentially 'recreate' the mesh.. reordering all the vertices.. etc.. so it should do away with any nutty problems..

08 August 2005, 09:36 AM
maya 6.5 has a "handy" new option that basicaly acts like a bug... as you describe...

I dont have maya here (at home) but check the attr editor for the skinCluster and see if there is an option like "limit influences to only the the initial ones, and ignore any that I add, cos I'm stupid"... something ike that... turn if off

I did have this problem the other day (the option woudn't fix it) and I had to take the file back to maya6.0, then it mirrored fine... ahhhh newer and better... :banghead:


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08 August 2005, 09:36 AM
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