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10 October 2002, 05:30 PM
so here's what my problem is at the mom.

i have to compose shots in 3K and in PAL Size. at first i get always the PAL size images, and have to compose them in shake with colorcorrect, and so on and with stabilize and move2d too.

then i get the 3K version of all and have to do all the same.

is there any way to use the stabilize/tracker/move nodes from the old PAL size setups ????

it's just because the move node for instance has keyframes that say (440 at 1, 500 at 2 and so on) but this isn't actually right for the 3K.

hope someone understands me and can help me.

thnx in advance


10 October 2002, 06:39 AM
Where do you get 3k shots at?

Too late now for this advice, but next time, do everything on the high rez version(3k), and then put a resize node at the end of the tree for creating the pal version.

To answer your question, make a copy of the tracker node from the pal version and then make an expression linking from the pal version to the 3k version with a multiplier to tell it how much bigger it should be on the 3k version.

Quick example, the track node from the pal version is called "Tracker1", and the one on the 3k version is called "Tracker2". For sake of simplicity lets say the 3k version is 3600 x 2880(even 5x the width and height). You just go into your 3k track node and in the track1X box you would type: "Tracker1.track1X * 5" and in the track1Y box you would type: "Tracker1.track1Y * 5". This just says, take the value of the X and Y axis from the pal tracker and multiply it by 5.

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