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08 August 2005, 04:25 PM
I keep searching for a way to render out just frames instead of an AVI or whatever, isn't there a way to do this?
I read that it can be done, but can't find any info from what people say to help me out any?
I want to render this way, so then I can use my computer during the day and render bits of the animation while I sleep and piece them all together later to form the completed animation, the same way i do when I work in LW.

Any advice?
I can't find any options to set in any of the rendering panels that will allow me to do this, yet I am certain it's will, and like I say, I've read that other people have suggested to render frame sequences out, so it must be possible?

Anyway, I'm wanting to get rendering soon. ;)

08 August 2005, 04:59 PM
OK, well, good news and bad news.

I did figure it out how to render out a sequence.
Bad news, it WILL NOT let me render to which ever folder I want to!
Why won't it let me render to some other folder?
I don't want to have a bunch of sequenced images scattered all throughout
my folder that also has all sorts of other renderings and what nots in it!
I keep setting the output folder to (and I tried different names) like simply, "Frames".
But when I go to render it out, it always renders back out to the default Vue 5 Infinite folder every time!

What's the deal?

Thanx, and yes, I'll be getting that tutorial posted up sometime
later today on changing the time for an animation. :)


08 August 2005, 05:20 PM
Well, since I wanted to get started rendering this thing out, I decided to just
go ahead and render to that default folder and get on with it.
I'm just happy to be rendering :)

Also, since I originally was rendering (like an idiot, because I didn't know how to do it)
as an AVI file, from last night, I decided to do the frames method instead, not just because that's the best way and the way I've been doing renderings for thousands of years,
but also, because I did some tests this morning and found out, by changing the quality
from Broadcast to Final, I cut my times more then in half!

I went from 1 minute 46 seconds, to 46 seconds!
I compared the difference between the two and realised that the Final renders are
ever so slightly worse, in that they have those little hot spots everywhere that I
don't like, but realized, that HEY!, I can just render them out at the Final format
and then do an Action in Photoshop and just give the images a slight gausian Blur
to them and save myself a ton of render time!

Much better method then waiting around for ever for the thing to render :)

I know, probably some others have thought of this too, but I just now thought of it also :)

Anyway, happily rendering away, even if it IS going to a folder I don't want it to LOL
BTW, I went from 300 frames (10 seconds) to 900 frames (30 seconds) for this animation.
Should look pretty good when I'm done.
Got the Ease-In and Ease-Out and like that too :) :)

08 August 2005, 09:07 PM
Mark, you gotta take a break from rendering, man. You're talking to yourself. lol

Actually, I'm just glad to see that someone else has been rendering for thousands of years. Now I don't feel so old.

Btw, I'm almost certain there's a 'trick' to your frames to a different folder. Don't recall where I read it, tho. Hopefully, someone with more bioram than me will answer.

08 August 2005, 09:26 PM
Mark, you gotta take a break from rendering, man. You're talking to yourself. lol

LOL, yeah, well, I know, but I HAD to get started, sometime this century LOL
I wasn't really talking to myself, but rather originally thought I needed help, but
then couldn't wait around forever for someone to "maybe???" reply with some help.
So, then, when I figured things out on my own, I figured I'd better let others know,
so they don't waste their time replying to something I had already solved.
See? :)
Didn't solve the folder problem, but right now I don't care, as I just want to see my first Vue animation!
I'm already a third of the way done! YAY!

Actually, I'm just glad to see that someone else has been rendering for thousands of years. Now I don't feel so old.

LOL, yeah, it "feels" like I've been rendering for thousands of years :)
Was up really late last night trying to figure things out, and then got up early to
check on things and decided to stay up and redo the animation to render out to f
rames instead, as I didn't feel like waiting till some time tomorrow for the thing to
finish rendering.

Anyway, right now things are moving along smoothly and I don't have much to say
or really can do for that matter, since the comp is tied up with rendering frames.

Gonna chill out and watch TV for the rest of the day.
Sound good enough for you? LOL :)
And also, this has been my first real chance for the
past two days to really get some time to play with Vue. :)

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08 August 2005, 09:26 PM
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