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10 October 2002, 01:59 PM
Hi everybody. I find the BIOVISION MOTION CAPTURE SUPPORT in 7.5 to be really straight forward and powerful. I have just scratch the surface though. There is a couple of things iíd like to talk about. First, the MoCap_BVH_Setup generic Layout plug-in reads a BioVision BVH file and then creates bones, and applies the motion capture data to them. OK.
There is also the MoCapSkelegons which is another Modeler plug-in that creates skelegons in Modeler that match the initial rest position of the Biovision BVH data. I took a look at the bones setup, and i donít think i would setup my character like they did. So, since, in Layout itís gonna uses the bones hierarchy that came with the BVH file, how am i suppose to modify the original setup to match mine ? I feel like things have to be done backwards. You get the bones setup, and you model or modify your character around that bone setup. The real question is : What degree of freedom do i have if i wanna use them Mocap files ? Do you guys have any experience with these lightwave plug-ins ?

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