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07 July 2005, 09:23 AM
a friend of mine asked me to check around for a new printer for her, since shes knows very little about hardware. thing is though printers isnt my forte either, so thought id ask for help here.

can anyone name me a nice printer that can also scan ? doesnt have to be color printer or anything, just more important that she can print out her stuff. also having been burnt several times by weird ink cartridge behaviour it is of course important that its easy and cheap to replace empty cartridges (and not like my epson where i couldnt print in black cause the colored ones were empty).

at the moment theres a Lexmark P 6210 for quite cheap available. is that one any good ? cant say i had experience with lexmark before.

07 July 2005, 05:10 PM

I've owned both Epson and Lexmark printers:

My view is I that I really don't like my All-in-one Lexmark Printer/Scanner (I think the model is X75 but I'm not certain- I got it nearly 3 yrs ago). It claims it's a photcopier too, but it isn't really. It just scans and prints again. I had a lot of frustrating moments with it- in particular with dodgy ink replacement. I can't say I had a problem with not being able to use black when the colour was empty though. What you can try though if you cant print in black, what I do, which as worked on both makes of printer is make all the text a dark blue, the darkest you can- and that seemed to then print fine looking nearly like black. I thought dark blue would have been made by just blue and black mixed together, but I guess not. I know nothing of the technical processes here.

Whenever I had to re-install driver or printer again it always asked me questions about whether the ink cartdridges were brand new or old. Even if I answered 'old' the ink levels were still shown as full, and for this reason the indicators always seemed useless. My ink didnt seem to last long either and the quality was pretty bad, even on decent paper- very 'liney'. (not sure of the correct word), which I couldnt fix even with multiple test sheets and the test patterns. I think if she just wants to print text this wont be so much of a problem, but it can still happen. The cartridges were smaller and more expensive than the Epson ones.

Plus it had an annoying voice saying 'Printed Started!' and 'Printing Finished!'. I always used to lunge for the volumn or speaker controls whenever I printed somehting, until I relised how you could turn it off. And my paper-feeder became useless very quickly; after a few months it could only deal with individual sheets at a time. I had to manually force each one down the slot. I couldn't see any obstruction.

I know nothing of the model you ask so sorry, probably newer and improved though. I'm sure others may have had good experiences with their Lexmarks, maybe I was just unlucky but for me my old and new Epson I much much prefer. I use an individual scanner now.
I regret I didnt give anything positive to say to help you, but I still thought I should say something as there aren't any other replies yet.

However, I did a real quick Googling and came up with this forum topic . Think it's a year old now but it's on the same question about printer+scanner combos. It looks like Hewlett Packard to a combo model too, the HP PSC 1315.

Still, if it's a good price.. maybe it's worth a shot. I'd be interested in hearing more stories about Lexmark too.


07 July 2005, 09:14 PM
All-in-One designs usually suck. Plain and simple.

For a printer, I have always highly recommended Epson... which ever model is in your price range, but honestly don't spend more than $150... there is essentially no difference in print quality when you go to more expensive printers. The only things that might change is the print speed and/or size of paper it can handle (like if you need 11x17" prints). No matter what printer you get, you will get hosed by the price of ink - so check out how many picoliters the ink cartridge holds and do some math to see which one would be the better deal in the long run.

On the scanner, I recently bought one for about $30 and it does basically anything you could want it to do - short of scanning slides. No real reason to get more expensive ones since 400000x400000 DPI is insanely overkill, yet most consumers see a big number and think that makes the $500 scanner better than the $50 ones that "only" scans at 300x300 DPI (which would basically be higher than you would ever realy need).

07 July 2005, 09:17 PM
HP 1300 Series. I have one of these as a backup printer myself, and highly recommend it! Scans at 1200x2400, does color and b/w copies. I've scanned photo prints with this and printed them on my little photo printer, and they looked better than the originals;)

07 July 2005, 09:30 PM
VALKYRIEN - (off topic) I noticed your location says Hartford.... I'm just over the board in West Hartford.... that is one hell of a small world :eek:

07 July 2005, 10:06 PM
Yep, and i'm about to move across Prospect to West Hartford too:)

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