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07 July 2005, 10:40 PM
hi, this is an update of an old model i did for a job application back in dezember. i never really finished it because back then i was using max6 on an old laptop which caused me a lot of trouble (e.g.: i wasnīt able to see how the normalmaps are coming out, because the graphics card couldnīt view them). so the model i handed in for the "test" was not really what i wanted it to be. and after someone else got the job, i was pissed and didīt touch it any more... but now, after some moths had passed, i thought it is worth a little touch-up.

i didīt change the mesh a lot. its still not perfect and i could kill some more polies in certain areas... i just fixied some proportional things. i completely re-did the rig and the skinning. this time i was using maya and a wacom :). what else? yes, he has a sword now! and i changed the textures - mainly the colours and added some details. i also took out the prelightning-layers, because it came out nicer without them.

i used the maya viewport to make the screenshots. there is only one thing that is a little bit weird. it seems that the normalmap comes out "inverted" in parts which are mirrored but make use of the same texture space. you can see that effect best on the right boot. is that a general problem of normalmaps or is that maya related? any ideas??

well, i hope you like it anyways and it would be nice to get some crits and comments.

solong, alex

07 July 2005, 10:51 PM
Nice model but the normal map is barely visible with the colors. Maybe it needs some specular or brighter clothing.

07 July 2005, 09:23 AM
Hey thats pretty sweet, Yeah thats kind of a normal map problem, its happens the same way in max. What I usualy do is hide the seams as best a possible then its not really noticable, although, the Doom engin seams to compensate for this problem because all there textures are overlaping and you cant tell the difference, I havent tryed using maxes new shader mimc thing whitch simulates various game enviornments, but You might be able to render them corectly through there, dont know (let me know if you try it). There are some good normal mapping tutorials particularly in this form.

07 July 2005, 09:59 AM
hey cool :)

I do though have a few crits.

The whole thing looks a bit dull, colorwise. I think the colorsheme itself is ok but the colors themself are lifeless. (like the strap going around the chestarea, is literally dissapearing)

The deltoidmuscle seems a bit to short and flat and the bizeps to long.

I like the head "towel" ;) but the folds seem to all nearly have the same depth. You do have 3 major breaking points but the folds don't look believable to me.

The arm"padding" just like the footpadding" doesn't really show in the normalmapped version with color, esspecially the armpart looks muddy.
Maybe it is not visible in the shots, but I can't see where they close or begin.

The feet look a tad bit to short and they don't fit to the overall look of the guy. At the moment the look like well padded houseslippers to me ;). Maybe you could give him these pointy oriental "clown" shoes ;).

The little sewed cut on his top doesn't fit at all. It seems you have used 1 color to paint the whole cut.

The sword is very shiney for the fact that it is very ramponized.

The grip of the knife also looks very monotone and shiney.

I don't know it that is intentional but with that dirtlikepatch on the left leg the trousers get a leathery touch or is that blood ?

I think the trousers deserve some folds near the croch area (if not leather)

The lowpolymesh is very clean and good for normalmaps. The sword though does have alot of polys. The tips of the fingers are maybe a bit to meaty and big.

What REALLY saves the character is the eyes. They really give him spirit and character.
Great job on that area, really good job.

I also like the tatoo on his chest allthough that sadley receeds to much.

The skin has alos turned out well.

Hope the crit helps and please keep us updated, Iīm anxious to see how you make him shine.

07 July 2005, 01:49 PM
i think prs-phill is mostly right pehaps add a specular map to create the look of silk clothing as you want it to keep the dark, ninja like colours, and silk is worn by alot of middle eastern warriors aswell as far eastern, keeps you cool. the mesh at the tip of the sword is too busy. read the thread on "poly stripping" which gives some good tips on how to optimise meshes for game engines,

add some bright details like a red scarf or badage, not nessisary to brighten whole model just a few bits will give nice contrast to murky dark bits.

put the model under a stronger light that will perhaps show off some of its normal maping better. like the hot arabian sun, not a din light bulb in norway.

07 July 2005, 02:09 PM
its not really oriental is it ?...its middle eastern.
arabian sort of thing.
the pointy shoes would add a nice touch but i dont think a swordsman would have it.
as for the seems you could try doing it buy editing ur normal maps in photoshop.

07 July 2005, 12:26 PM
dude if I'm not mistaken the entire middle east is actually considered Asia ( Arabian, Persian, Indian etc)

quasmaster excellent work man, I have no crits. Also good idea not to render without AA adds a nice in game sort of touch to the howl captured look. maybe add a bit of specular level to the shader with the normal map so we could see your piece in all it's glory?

07 July 2005, 08:22 AM
Impressive stuff!
The design seems more arabian than oriental to me, but its a great model with excellent use of normal mapping. Maybe it could benefit from a stronger normal map, or perhaps some painted creases on the trousers?

07 July 2005, 10:16 AM
Nice model but the normal map is barely visible with the colors. Maybe it needs some specular or brighter clothing.

Gotta agree with Osirus.

The red band around the waist looks too painted on on his leg. I'd actually model that part in to it would actually hang.

08 August 2005, 06:49 PM
Hi quas,

I dig the pose of your character, i can feel him in my back sneaking to cut my thoroat! :eek:

The mesh looks good to me, clean, and detail only where you need. The normalmap could use indeed more contrast...



08 August 2005, 11:56 AM
Really neat work, i love ninjas. That's not much i can crit on, but his arm texture looks a little wierd.

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