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10 October 2002, 02:35 AM
Hey folks!

There's an area I hope I'm just not getting about Combustion... Motion Blurs. I hope I'm not getting it because it means it's just me and not the program.:D

Okay, in After Effects, when you've got layers buzzing around with position keyframes, you just tap on the "motion blur" button and voila! Beautiful blurs that look real and still can be tweaked via the shutter settings...

But every form of blur/motion blur/box blur I use in C* just looks awful in comparison. The "controls" on these seem to give me the option of "ugly" motion blur and "annoying." Even if I max out things like "samples", it still looks shoddy.

I just want something that inherently knows whether the key frames are blasting something thorugh the frame or merely dragging it...

Anyone got an answer on this? For the extra money you toss down for C*, I'm hoping this has one easy answer!

Thanks! :D


10 October 2002, 04:21 PM
uh, until now i always used the motion blur operator which, in my opinion, is much better than the one in after effects, just adjust the shutter, the samples and the phase - there you go. if you like to you can even weight the samples it does.
maybe there´s something wrong with your settings? can you post a workspace maybe? everytime i used it for live-action compositing it matched perfectly. do you render software or openGL?

01 January 2003, 11:13 AM
yup, this tread is a little old, but i have the same question, and i found this in the Combustion Help... (what a great invention is the F1 key... :) )

To blur the movement of a layer:
Select the animated layer.

Choose Object | Nesting, and then click Selected Layers in the Nesting Options dialog.

In the Workspace panel, select the new nested layer.
Choose Operators | Blur/Sharpen | Motion Blur.
A Motion Blur filter is applied to the output of the nested composite. As a result, the Motion Blur filter can detect the movement (transforms) of the animated layer.

Adjust the Motion Blur settings.
The moving layer is blurred.

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