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10 October 2002, 08:54 PM
Don't know if you guys know, but Adobe is always two version ahead in developpement. Which makes sense for such type of company.
When photoshop 6 came out, version 8 was already in dev.
What about after effects, does anybody heard anything about 6 or 7?
No rumours please !

The improvement in AE 5.5 were amazing comparing AE 4.
I agree Combustion is, in some aspects, ahead of the game.
It most of the time comes down to personal preferences !!

What is your forecast for AE 6.0. ? THIS IS PURE SPECULATION.

Are they going to change the interface ? Should they ? I think so !
Better GRAPH EDITOR and TIME REMAP EDITOR ? I hope they add an other window for that !!.......they had to put everything inside the composition view !!!
Maybe adding a USEFULL SCHEMATIC VIEW (somewhat node base)

Those comments are for the only purpose to leave this thread wide open !!!!

11 November 2002, 05:51 PM
i sure hope they make the 3D a little better

what a waste of time it is trying to work in that enviroment
its a poo headed nightmear

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