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07 July 2005, 02:03 AM
Team Name:
Wretched Abandon Team
Project Name:
Wretched Abandon HL2 Total Conversion
The world of 3050 is much different from the world we live in today. Earth has become a vast city, crawling with crime and violence. Anarchy is the key to survival, and death is on every citizenís mind.
The Moon and Mars have had Atmospheric Processors built on them to make the planets livable.
Mars is a desolate waste land of dust storms and acid rain. Guerrilla warfare reigns supreme and only the smart survive.
The Moon is a hyped up Eden garden. Technology and lifestyle is of the highest quality, and the peaceful citizens are unaware to the dangers that lurk under their noses.

Fantasy war has never been so real.

Wretched Abandon is multiplayer HL2 TC that thrives off team play and squad based tactics. Three distinctly different teams will compete using class based combat to complete various objectives on maps, such as holding points and hacking data. Despite the fantasy setting combat will play out in a realistic tone, with location based damage and accurate fire arm portrayal.

The goal is to take a complete fantasy sci-fi setting and provide a suitable realistic war gameplay.

We have been in developemnet for 1 month but the gamedesign and story has been undergoing since 2 years.

Dedication only, no pay


Talented Needed:
1-2 Character/vehicles/props Designers. Other Artists needed aswell to create renditions and action scenes.
Everyone in the team basically started at the same time dev started.

Jarrod- Lead Designer, 2ND Lead, PR
Gabriel (wiredgear)- Team Lead, Web Guru, Lead 2D Artist
Andrew- Programmer
Akumo- Programmer
Roman- 3d Artist
PaulH- Level Designer
Blackmagic- Level Designer
FMPONE- Level Designer
Chris- 3D Artist, 2D Artist
Dave- 3D Artist
Benjamin- items/props Artist, 3D Artist
Alejandro- tCharacter Artist
Etoli- Environmental Artist
Espen- Concept Artist
Johnny- Texture Artist
Roland- SFX Engineer
Marios- Music Producer
Wretched Abandon Website (

Team Lead Contact

Application Submission

Brief Story introduction:

To reflect on history is to reflect on destruction. Plaguing mankind is a past of violence, genocide, treachery, and an uncanny desire to massacre their own species. Among all this is the constant belief it will change. Technology advances with the image that it will solve more problems than it will cause and after war it is viewed that it was good for the progress of mankind.
Each of these beliefs has been proven false.

The world of 3050 is no different from the countless centuries that are behind it. Greed and corruption still reigns supreme, and violence always seems the most logical solution to all of mans problems. The advancements in technology have also caused problems, dividing the people and simply pointing out who are more worthy than others.

The citizens of Earth are left to fend for themselves in their pit of despair, living in a violent urban nightmare, fed up of fighting for survival every day of their lives. Those living on Mars are tired of the backstabbing, the treachery, and the inhumane treatment of behind left for dead. Above them all stands Eden Moon, a place of power and destruction, disgusted by second class citizens of other worlds and striving to eliminate the filth.

War is looming over every humanís hopes and dreams. Earth has already launched terrorist strikes on the Moon, whilst stealing technical equipment from Mars and backstabbing that trading life. Marsí desire for knowledge has sent them on dangerous missions for information theft from the Moon and manipulation of Earth organizations. The Moon, displeased with the treatment from the two other planets, is taking this as an advantage to finally have a reason to go to war and destroy the opposition, leaving behind only the rich and power.

Welcome to war of the year 3050. Welcome to Wretched Abandon.

Artist Needed
The Wretched Abandon team is on the look for artist that can be utilized for character/vehicles/props designing and creating action scenes.

If you think you are the man for this job please register in our forums and read our application guideline rules before posting an application. Or even better, contact me through Msn Messenger and we can discuss it there. My msn contact is

Website: (

Team Lead/WebGuru/Lead 2D Artist

07 July 2005, 04:15 AM
WOW, nice presentation...the main site looks very cool, Q-Ban's work is awseome... love the graphics and design deployment... If the current level of detail is carried through to your mod , you should have something pretty slick to show off. :thumbsup:

07 July 2005, 06:40 AM
Thx for your kind words. I was browsing upon your shirow project thread and I am too amazed of the works you guys have done. Kudos to you. Again thx for your nice words.

08 August 2005, 05:54 AM
We are now looking for modellers, specifically for prop modeling and character. We are also looking for Texture artist for level design to start developing our environments. If you think you are up to it, please drop me a line or post in our recruitement forum.

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08 August 2005, 05:54 AM
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