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07 July 2005, 07:36 PM
We are going to war!

F X W a r ! FXWar entry by:
Jochem Harmsen
Gijs 'Dutchman' Leijdekkers

Joost Ossenblok

Hi all!,

I'm participating in this FX War this time! It's my first time here in an FX War, but I've quite often practised in the same way, but then without a deadline.

Jochem Harmsen (who is not on this forum... He's a CG beginner) is a mate of me who'll be a sort of an assistent, ánd he'll be giving feedback while working. A sort of second director.

Joost Ossenblok is álso a mate of me, who will be the actor in this quite-short movie. Because he has the right look for 'the kind of man we needed', we asked him, and his is very willing to help us!

Yesterday we've had the first 5 houres of plate-photography (of what you can see some stills under here), and tomorrow morning we'll be shooting more stuff in the centrum of a near city.

Big inspirations for this mini-movie for us, are 'BV-01' (by that dámn great guy, called Alessandro Pacciani!), the Rock, the Matrix 1 (the look of Neo) and also (of course) The Day After Tomorrow!

Storyboard etc soon... First we want to make you think yourself what you'd think it 'd be!

Owkay, time for some pictures! The upcoming pictures are just stills out of the footage of yesterday, and I did a quick (Photoshop) edit on those stills to show you what were planning to make the intro/opening-credits look like (to get you in the mood of the 2 minute movie)

On set:

PS edit:

On set:

PS edit:

On set:

PS edit:

On set:

PS edit:

On set: (this will be the plate that will be in 'the big freeze shot'. The base matte-photos will be taken tomorrow, so no PS-edit on this!)

I hope you friends will like the stuff I told & showed, and that our fanclub will be twice as big, soon...! ;) In every case were on the roll, and working hard for it!

Greetz & Good evening/day/morning/night!,

07 July 2005, 05:53 PM
Heey peepz ;) ,

Yesterday we shot our photography stuff in the centrum of 'Roosendaal', the most near city around here. We did some 'hand-cam-style-filming' stuff, and we did some 'action-style-filming' stuff. Also we made some photographs (at 7 megapixel ;) ) to use later on for the 'real action/VFX-scene' in the mini-movie (for mattepainting).

Some stills of that work and so, later. I'll soon be buzzy with the VFX contents, and I'll keep you up to date about that with some WIP stuff! ;)

Hopefully thís time more people will reply! :) :scream:

Gijs (& Joost & Jochem ;) )

07 July 2005, 08:00 PM
Hi Dutchman! lookin forward to your entry :) about the PS pictures, i tihnk they are too blurred/ oversaturated, little less would be better ;)

08 August 2005, 11:53 PM
Hi Dutchman! lookin forward to your entry about the PS pictures, i tihnk they are too blurred/ oversaturated, little less would be better
I agree with the 'bad look' of the PS-pics ;) , but because it's only to give you a bit of an impression, you shouldn't need to mind... The FXWar yóur involved with looks very cool and interesting... I'll be following you cheap Blender people! :twisted:

Time for the interesting stuff, as the last image just showed something of the intro... I haven't been doing nothing, the last week(s), as I've been thinking of reasonable (compositing) solutions, and I've been watching Otomo's Steamboy ( :love: ) which was very inspirational for the effects! Also I've been made a bulk of photographs around in the city of 'Roosendaal', to be sure to have enough elements to use for mattepainting and so!

To just 'do something', I've started mattepainting on the first one. This one will be containing a freezing from the camera to far away in the ally. The next shot will be then a fishereye-camera-move with also the freezing (and the fog/steam coming of it!) in the front of the camera...!

Time for the showoff:
The original photograph (7 megapixel)
Cleaned up (couple of people cloned away), and colorcorrected, for driving up the mood... (maybe the colorcorrection will be corrected to be a little less... it's a bit tóó heavy now)
And the Photoshop mattepainting. This one will be nearly the final, used in the film, but as it will be in picture for only 4 seconds or so, more detail/tweaking will not be needed. The big effects shot is another one. ;)

And a little crew-picture:
From left to right: Joost, Jochem, Gijs [last one is me... :twisted: ]

I hope you'll be enthousiast, maybe even enough to post a reply!

Have fun & Greetz,

08 August 2005, 10:41 AM
Looks good! Only the left tree or bush looks a bit weird (the snow):S

Ziet er goed uit, alleen het linker boompje ziet er een beetje raar uit :P

Keep it up!

08 August 2005, 11:01 AM
lookin good, i especially like the left houses :)

kijken goed, ik vooral bewonder de linker huizen

lol! :D

08 August 2005, 02:03 PM
nice! good to see that you are a crew, I however agree about the snow on the tree, it needs some work, and if only it has snow it sure looks weird cause the ground or surrounding area should be a bit more "snowy" aswell ;)

08 August 2005, 02:16 PM
@ xstijn : Thanks for the positive reply ;) & I'll correct that bad-snowed stuff soon!

@ Job : Thanks for the reply and the positive stuff, and also 'thanks for liking that houses at the left' ;)

@ lv_88 : First: thanks for the positive reply ;) , and second: yes, indeed the ground may have some more snow, but it just isn't that simple to make it look good than (because than in one action 90% of the image will be white ;) ). I'll try some things to make it look better ;)

The project is still running on full power! Yesterday I completed the intro (keying out the bluescreen, adding a background, doing colorcorrection etc etc), and also last night we did a pyro-elements shoot!

The 'set' for the pyro-elements shoot: added a black screen in the back to be able to use the Luma-keyer in a later stadium!

Under here I'm gonna describe what you're gonna see in the final movie!:


A terrorist is preparing an attack: he takes his case, opens it up, puts on the countdown button so that it is ready to explode, takes a special 'anti-cold' suit on, puts on his sunglasses and leaves the room.

The room is really dark, and just lighted from one direction (from 'the viewers side', lighted from the right). On the back you can see some stones and such stuff. All is colorgraded quite blue.

The music sounds very church-like (big man-choir).


We're targeting for that you'd remind in this part to Alessandro Pacciani ('s 'BV-01' movie. We've filmed very amaturistic footage in 'Roosendaal' (a near city), and different to BV-01, we'll not have to add a robot to it. In our movie the main-thing is 'the guy with the yellow case' (> the terrorist).

The footage will probably be slowed down to 50% of the speed, and the music will sound very dramatic (probably some Hans Zimmer filmmusic). The color-correction will be nothing very special: we'll just try to keep it look like DV-footage.


This part is what it all is about: the terrorist walks up to a big stairhouse with allot of glass in it, and on the highest plateau, he places the case. You see some of the footage of happy people in the city: having a good chat, or happy children. Then the bomb begins to countdown... Every time you see quick switches between the happy people and the downcounter (so it becomes quite dramatic). (music: 'The Rock' > 'The Chase')
Then finally the case really explodes: first you see just allot of fire coming out of the case (that's why we did a pyro-shoot ;-) ), filling the whole stairhouse, and making the glass break and scatter away. Than it becomes clear it also freezes all stuff: especially in FX shots of small alleys you see that all is frozen...


After all those FX shots are passed, you'll see a zoom-out of the terrorist - standing in the whole that was made by the bomb - and looking satisfied at the white city.... Then the credits appear ;-) (music: 'Steamboy')

I hope you'll be looking forward to the final result... We'll be working very hard on it! :)

Gijs [& Crew ;) ]

09 September 2005, 07:53 PM
Really nobody with an opinion over here...? :shrug: Can somebody tell what he/she thinks of the discribed story...? :)

In every case the compositing has began: I've done some tests with that fire footage and have tryed some Luma-keying, and it works damn good! :) Really interesting to continue! :)

I hope for more replies this time.... :D

09 September 2005, 08:04 PM
i got to say that you guys really put some time to this project and thats damn good thing :)
Story seems to be filled with nice action and music choice from The Rock sounds good. If you could get Mr. Cage in to film then it would certainly be the best ;)

google monkey
09 September 2005, 09:21 AM
looks like you have got all out on this project.

09 September 2005, 09:43 AM
@ BloodHo (member.php?u=130238) : Thanks for the thrust in the project! :scream: And you really get the idea indeed: if we'd have had Mr Cage this would have become a blockbustermovie (or 3 minutes ;) )! But by the way: you don't know nothing about the acting abilities of our own Nicolas Cage: mr Ossenblok! :twisted: He may be the new mr Cage.... :rolleyes:

@ google monkey (member.php?u=174537) : Thanks for that reply..! :) We're indeed trying to get a really cool short movie as the entry...!

By the way: I'm reaaally buzzy with the effects now! I've choosen to not use 3Ds Max in this 'production', as I want to use all options built in After Effects (and Photoshop ;) ). It's just a nice AE-training in this way! :)

The secret of making good action-effects seems to be: activate motion-blur, add a camerashake, do some extreme colorcorrection that varies along the timeline... Because I now know the way I can make it look the best, I'll now be able to do at least 3 shots today... So that will mean we'll get finished before the deadline of next week! :twisted:

I'll try to keep this up to date... Maybe some screenshots or stills, later! :scream:


09 September 2005, 09:40 PM
Ok, time for an update!

We are still working on the short-FX-film. The upcoming 2 days I'll be working incredibly hard to be able to finish it all in time! Some still of the (4 :shrug: ) shots I yet finished... Also the intro/prolog (of almost 1 minute!) is finished!

The stills come right out of AfterFX without compression, so it may take some time to load the PAL-size-stills...

The Case opening up because of the explosion inside:

The Terorrist being blown away because of the pressurewave:

Flames coming down in the stairway...!: (this shot may be removed in the final cut, because rendering may take to long... I mean: 5 minutes/frame! :D )

The explosion seen from outside... By the way done for 100% in AfterFX, using the 'Scatter'-effect, and some simple tricks :) :

Snow spraying outside, after the explosion... This part of this shot is not yet finished... The snow looks a bit to blocky indeed ;) :

It will be one big challenge to finish this in time, but if the result will be as 'Michael-Bay'-ish as planned, it would be worth it. ;)

All 'collegues-participants': good luck to you! I can't wait to see your final stuff!

I'm going to pick some sleep!,

09 September 2005, 07:09 PM
Rendering, rendering, rendering, rendering.... And some tweaking. ;)

I'm just really buzy with the project...! The last 3 days almost non-stop...! :eek: :twisted: Let's just hope that I'll get the deadline..! :)

09 September 2005, 07:38 PM
lookin good so far! :thumbsup:
i hope you make it in time, we had to drop a few shots allready :(

09 September 2005, 09:25 PM
lookin good so far! :thumbsup:
i hope you make it in time, we had to drop a few shots allready :(
Thanks for that reply Job! :) Thanks for the confidence in our FX-entry! :buttrock:

About that 'shotdropping', well, we have the same to... Some shots are less advanced than planned, and some simply disappeared/dropped... :shrug: We'll see if the shots that we keep, will have the stength to hold the story... :)

By the way: you Blender-guys are doing it really extraordinary well! :eek: So dámn awesome stuff! Especially that ice-masks and stuff, are sooo cool! :scream: I can't wait to see your final entry... It should be of veeeery good quality, with such a big team! ;)

Have a nice night ;) ... [While the PC is rendering... and rendering...],

09 September 2005, 12:59 PM
Great work..

The voting thread will go up this Friday, so if you wish to tweak the entry you have until then.


09 September 2005, 02:44 PM
Great work..

The voting thread will go up this Friday, so if you wish to tweak the entry you have until then.
Wow man... That's nice..! :scream: So if I understand correctly, I the ('general') deadline is moved to friday...? :eek: :twisted: Shouldn't we say that to the other participants then? :) Or is it just a 'me-and-you'-appointment...? :D

In every case... Rendering (on PAL-resolution) is finished: editing (and hosting ;) ) is the only that rests ahead now... :)

Greetz! -Gijs

10 October 2005, 02:24 PM
CLICK HERE ( for our promoshot...

Hope you'll like that one... It cost quite some time and RAM to get that done in After Effects... :)

And I'm still editing... Almost finished... The total time is yet on 4 minutes, and then I'm not even finished..! :twisted: For sure the Hans-Zimmer music will work fine with it! ;)


10 October 2005, 08:18 PM
We did it! The movie is finished... Now just let's hope the server can hold it! ;)


And some stills:

Dutchman - FX Wars, The Big Freeze Challenge

Click here (http://showthread.php?t=262183&page=1&pp=15) for our WIP-thread!

The Dutch city Roosendaal is scheduled for a terroristic attack! And not 'just one'...! This is an attack with a Cold Case! The style is inspired by Alessandro Pacciani's 'BV-01'.

DOWNLOADS: (Length: 6 minutes 10 seconds)
Big Freeze Entry Movie 640x420 (File Size: 44.3MB) ( (> Temporary offline... Hope to get it on working soon!)
Big Freeze Entry Movi (http://%0A 320x2 (http://%0A (File Size: 20 MB) (http://%0A thanks to Timo Royer for uploading this so quick after the request for webspace!)


Hope you'll like it!

10 October 2005, 06:27 AM
Wow! That was bloody awesome! :D im gonna vote for you for sure sure, the freeze effect looks great :thumbsup:

10 October 2005, 10:05 AM
Nice work guys!
Good luck!

10 October 2005, 11:54 AM
hi :)

I have to crit about the length of this clip. It was way too long. The walking gets kinda boring because it feels like you guys wanted to use all the live material you shot for this clip.

Just my 2 cents.

10 October 2005, 01:08 PM
one of the worst camerawork I have ever seen...

10 October 2005, 07:10 PM
Thanks for the comments!! The other entries are really stunning! But it's to bad there are just 3 other entries... :shrug: I was especially exited about the Blender-team's-entry... It feels good to be a bit more relaxt, without having a deadline within a week or so! ;)

@ Job : Man, thanks! Your reply really makes me feel 'it was worth the stess'...! Too bad I won't be able to vote on your magnificent team, as you didn't make the deadline... :shrug: I hope you'll still make 'something out of it, ones'! :D

@ NickJushchyshyn : Thank you! Cool to hear 'you think it's nice work'! :)

@ Pufferfish : I can agree about the length... At least: after finishing it all and so, and watching it back countless times, I must say the walking-to-the-destenation, cóuld have been a bit shorter. In fact we didn't want to use all material we shot (we shot about twice as much, in total... Well... in fact we shot about 30 minutes in total for this challenge - which includes the 10 minutes of pyro-stuff :twisted: ), but we just wanted to fit it all with the soundtrack... In a very early stadium of this project we had decided to use this music.
But thanks for your '2 cents': in my next project I'll apply that! :)

@ 4saken : The camwork could have been lots better indeed, but we choosed to simulate the 'basic camerawork of a homevideo', as this would be better to create the dramatic sense. You might wanna take a look at Alessandro Pacciani's 'BV-01', as he used the same camerastyle in his veeery-awesome short movie! Also Michael Bay is known of 'this kind of film-style'.

Thanks for the comments and reactions so far! I hope to get some more feedback, it's always good to hear what people think of the final result of lot's of hours work! (and lots of fun) :)

10 October 2005, 11:51 PM
Hey man...congrats on getting your entry done!

I must say that I think it's amazing how MASSIVE of an undertaking this film was. In the end you had over 6 minutes of finalized video which is pretty incredible (also taking into consideration the number of shots you edited together!) Also, the fact that you did all (or most) of your effects in AfterFX is quite an achievement too.

Here are some critiques though :):

-the intro was good....good solid editing and cinematography choices.....but once the guy starts walking through the city the camera was WAY too shaking and there were simply too many cuts....the whole "walking through the city to plant the bomb" sequence was far too long in my opinion, and was very disorienting

-It would have been nice to see your main character die in the "freeze" as well (along with all the other people etc....the fact that the bad guy got off alive AND the fact that he was closest to the bomb made that part of the story a tad too awkward for me ( do you explain that?? ;))

Anywho....once again I was very impressed by the amount of work that clearly went into this! Hope to see you in the next challenge :)

10 October 2005, 07:10 AM
Too bad I won't be able to vote on your magnificent team, as you didn't make the deadline... :shrug: I hope you'll still make 'something out of it, ones'! :D

maybe, if the rest wants to help a little :p but actually i think it's better to start with a new fresh project.. i mean hot project :D

10 October 2005, 06:36 PM
@ ivanisavich : Thank you for congratulating me with that 6 minutes of final film! I must say it wás quite an undertaking, but it all went pretty fluid (as I have not had óne technical problem...> it was a 100% creative challenge! :) ).
The effects-shots were indeed done for 100% in After Effects (but the mattepaintings and so of course in Photoshop). It's really interesting (IMO) to only use all options of AFX: you get to know all functions better, and you get more and more creative with the 'limited buttons'!
Let's say something about your critiques:
1) About the intro: I'm glad you like it, as the making of it cost quite some time (it as all shot on bluescreen :) ) to get it look dynamic enough and so... My goal was especially to get a soft of 'sin-city'-look, but that didn't went out well... ;) At least it looks a little bit mysterious, I think.
The stuff after that, yeah, now I'm really aware that the walk took too long... But as I told before (above), I had to fit it to the soundtrack. I can believe it looks desorientating, but I myself didn't notice that, as I live near that town (and I know where I shot everything).
The bad-camwork was meant to 'desorientate' you, but maybe it was a bit tóó, indeed.
By the way: the editing process worked very nice and fluid with 'Edius': it works 100% realtime - even with filters, moblur, or slow-motion. Also it has a véry nice slow-motion option, that inbetweens so that you get smooth motions. As you can see in the final result, I used this option a lot.
2) The fact is that he has a 'warmth-suit/shield' on, that he fixes to his body in the intro. So it's not that we haven't been thinking of this... It's just because it would give a nicer 'end of the movie', if he would stand up, and be the only survivor in the city (as the last shot was originally planned to be a zoomout from his eye, till you see the whole city being white. we canceled that shot because of the time). And btw: in every action movie the hero survives! :beer:
Thanks for your cool critique (I'll learn from it) & Maybe see you in the next challenge (but I think I'll first entry the Spectacular-challenge, and finish that).

@ Job : Sad that at the end all of you work will go 'staight away', but at least you learned something of the challenge... When talking about hobbies it's always better to work on a fresh project that your fully motivied for! :)

Sadly, today my host stopped serving me, so the file is offline! If you have some bandwidth you could miss, please PM/mail/reply, as we don't get people watching with the file being offline...! Hopefully somebody can help me (soon!)

Thanks for the replies again, and hopefully we'll get more of them... Also I'm desperately hoping for a new host for the file...! :blush:

10 October 2005, 07:40 PM
All set Gijs:
OK. Thanks again to Timon Royer and his kick butt server, the Dutchman entry is now available online!:


Hopefully this will hold you guys over for the voting period.
Tyson also mentioned having some space, so maybe there will be additional mirrors up soon as well.

Good luck!

10 October 2005, 08:00 PM
All set Gijs:

Hopefully this will hold you guys over for the voting period.
Tyson also mentioned having some space, so maybe there will be additional mirrors up soon as well.

Good luck!

If there's really the need, I could also upload it to my second server which also has some traffic to spare. Glad I could help you out. :)

10 October 2005, 01:06 PM
@ NickJushchyshyn (http://member.php?u=153300) : Thanks for thinking with me! Tyson contacted me, and the file is up on his server as well now...! Great to see that even other participants help me with this! It feels really great to see what people here want to do to get things right! :)

@ neostar (http://member.php?u=62888) : There's no need to host it somewhere else. :) The file is on 3 different servers now, so there should happend something reálly strange, to get it offline completely. And ofcourse: thanks again. ;)

A list of where you can get the final movie:
The 320x240 version that Timon put online: [20 MB] (

The 320x240 version that Tyson put online: [20 MB] (

The 640x480 version that Josh hosted for me: [48 MB] (

The 640x480 version that Timon hosted for me [48 MB] (

Any reactions on the movie? :)

[edit: added the link to the fullres version that Timon hosted :) ]

10 October 2005, 01:17 PM
@ NickJushchyshyn (member.php?u=153300) : Thanks for thinking with me! Tyson contacted me, and the file is up on his server as well now...! Great to see that even other participants help me with this! It feels really great to see what people here want to do to get things right! :)

The 640x480 version that Josh hosted for me: [48 MB] (

Any reactions on the movie? :)
-Gijs is unavailable right now, I could host the highres-version too, I just need a link to get it from you.


10 October 2005, 06:38 AM
Unless we didn't won any prices ;) , we have a little surprise! I've got a little thingy to show you guys'ngalls something behind the VFX!

I've screen-shotted the Flowchart ('nodeview') of the AE-composition of the Freezing Girl. The discription is on the JPG itself. As I had to get about 10 screenshots together there are some 'weird lines', I hope you won't mind! ;)

The link: CLICK! (

For any questions about it, please just ask! :)

I hope you can learn something out of it, or something! :scream:

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