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07 July 2005, 08:22 PM
Hi all,

so, the big ol' question again... This is one of the questions where i never got a real good anwser on: how do you make car creases ('holes' between car doors, pannels, etc)?
I used to work with the method of extruding them inwards, then applying a chamfer to make it look nice, but, this method is very time consuming + it really makes the poly count go high as a mountain AND it makes really good places for faults to hide in...
So, im working on another car again and was looking at LionTr's excellent tutorial (for anyone who missed it or doesn't know which one im talking about: and i like his method, but... it kinda worries me, because everytime i detach->edge extrude and add solidify (or in my case 'shell'), the parts don't fit together at all.
Now i was wondering: is this normal? I mean, it looks like LionTr doesn't make too much of a problem of it to work with this method, and i don't see him moving vertices all around? I read somewhere in another tutorial that you were supposed to move all the vertices around, 'till the different panels were 'fitting' again. But reading this, it seems like the old method was better, in times of, well, time :)
I'm using max, but since cars are universal things, i amagined that this wouldn't matter much. It's the underlying principal i'm looking for.

So if anyone would please share there oppinions upon this subject, i would really be greatful!
Thx in advance!

07 July 2005, 06:26 AM
This is why I always considered poly subd a bizarre choice for modeling vehicles, but then I never thought of anything much else either.. So far as I know yes, generally people just take the hit in polycount if they go the chamfer route, this distribution problem I guess is the downside of subd smoothness. Otherwise, yeah it is also very normal to have to revise the placement of verts etc particularly corners if you split the mesh apart. It's kinda in vogue atm to say otherwise but frankly tri and ngon will really bork you up here, those are a good promotor of mesh distortions.

If you were really up for getting a grip on it or just wasting some time, I'd look into any small modeling exercise with a horrible amount of corners. Usually when I overwhelm myself like that I end up working out something or other. They behave strangely with subds sometimes.

I generally try to avoid mechanicals these days, but a decent rule of thumb would seem to be chamfers for show, detaches for "working panels".


07 July 2005, 02:54 PM
Thx, now I know what to do. Ill just extrude on the 'non-working' parts (hood, backpannel, etc) and detach the doors... That's something i never considered doing...

07 July 2005, 11:30 PM
check out the theretical sub-d thread (3dsmax forum)

track celticdog and richardson's posts, surely could help you.

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