View Full Version : Wrap deformer doesn't do anything.

07 July 2005, 10:48 PM
I'm setting up a wrap for a low and high poly hand. I duplicate the low and smooth it, I then do a wrap on the two and get no errors. When I modify the wrap I can tell that Maya is calculating the deformations but it doesn't show up visually. The weird thing is that I never have trouble with any other wrap objects, just this hand. All the history is deleted and if I wrap say a cube to the hand it works fine. Any ideas?

07 July 2005, 03:58 AM
if you just want it smoothed, why not just smooth the original, and drive the divisions or envelope to turn it no/off?
that will save you a ton of RAM and time.

if you need it to be another object.. use an outmesh->inMesh connection then smooth.

only use a wrap if you have to, they are evil.


07 July 2005, 05:28 AM
Yeah, that sounds good. I haven't used wraps much so I'll take your word for it. I'm using one hand that will be used for many still poses and I just want to be able to edit the topology for each pose. Thanks

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07 July 2005, 05:29 AM
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