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07 July 2005, 11:02 PM
Hi !

I need grafix for a webbased dungeon master remake. I already wrote a prototype and you can try it here =>

What I need are mainly two types of grafix:

1. Walls: I need for every walltype a picture of the wall at the corresponding place in 3d. the rest of the picture has to be transparent so that I can blend multiple of those images and get the impression of a dungeon master like 3d view. You can have a look at the downloadable grafix pack on that page from above. There is one wall type image set in there. (It suffered from some rescaling though, that's why there are those purple borders.)

2. Characters: Like monsters and other players. There has not to be a picture for each position in 3d. I assume that perspective distortion is neglectiable for monsters. I just scale them and put them at the appropriate position. But what I need instead for charaters are pictures of each character from 4 sides. So I can "rotate" the character in the game. (It can look towards you or away from you.) The prototype only renders the characters facing you, no matter where they are looking though.

3. Items: Like 2 but I think they don't need to have images for 4 directions. Just one image per item shoudl be enough.

The images have to be 600x400. If you are interested, further details will be given like where exactly borders of walls have to be etc.

If you want to help or know some resource for grafix of that kind, please contact me.

This is a hobby project of mine so I can't pay for working on it. However, you'll get credits. It's not necessary to do a lot of grafix. Creating just one monster will already help me.

Besides, I can give evidence that this project won't die: I'm the lead designer of Walkover, a freeware game some friends and I are making over the last 2 years. =>

Hoping to hear from you soon. ;)

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07 July 2005, 11:02 PM
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