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10 October 2002, 03:35 AM
Have any of you guys bought this ?

I really want it but can't make up my mind, $150 seems a lot for a plug in, but it looks great :) .

Anyone know if it's worth the money ?

Thanks !

10 October 2002, 03:55 AM
Well, there are times when I think I couldn't live without it But in genral as Lightwave has matured and lscripts have become more powerful and the plugin and lscript community grown, I find myself using it less and realying more on freebee plugs and scripts to do the job.
That side, vertibevel is a realy powerful tool though, especialy good for repetitive tasks.:)

10 October 2002, 04:25 AM
Yeah. VertiBevel is super-cool at what it does. I wouldn't try to discourage you from getting it if you do a lot of mechanical/industrial or logo modeling... If you do a lot of this kinda thing, the $150 is a reasonable price imho.

10 October 2002, 07:58 AM
I have it and keep using it. it's great.

10 October 2002, 08:44 AM
I own it too. For non organic stuff it can't be beat. I tend to think they would sell more copies if they dropped the price to $50, but they didn't ask me to market it for them. I can say that it does what it is supposed to.

Lizard Head
10 October 2002, 09:26 AM
Vertibevel in LW5.6 is a MUST,, what else is there?

10 October 2002, 02:57 PM
I agree with you, Voodoo. Skstudios would probably increase revenue with a price reduction and a site update to-boot!

10 October 2002, 10:51 PM
Thanks everyone for your replies.

I decided to go for a similar plug in called Bevel ++, it's available from ,
and seems to do 90 percent of what vertibevel does ( or I needed it to do ) and only costs $30.

So if anyone needs a tool like this , there ya go !


10 October 2002, 12:29 AM
Also... don't forget Cmans great plugin called "Smoo". It can do some of the things that vertibevel can do... though I won't save your bevels for you. -- You can just keep your splines somewhere though and load em into Smoo though to solve that.

Anyways... I think this is like the 4th time I've mentioned Smoo here when people talk about Vertibevel... common people I need more help here! :p

10 October 2002, 05:00 AM
check out magic bevel too. Comes with 7.5 it does some very cool organic things like tree limbs and tentacles.

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