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07 July 2005, 02:39 AM
Hello, GoldenEye:Source is looking for some new members to help recreate a classic game. We are currently looking for some 3D Artist's, Perferably people that can do character models. I'll go into details a little bit later.

Now let me introduce the mod, for those who don't know about us. GoldenEye: Source is a recreation of the classic Nintendo 64 game 007 Goldneye. We will be using the Half-Life 2 Source Engine to recreat this classic game.

Some of the Key features -

- Very Fun Multi player, any of you that played the original know that it was great fun to play with a bunch of friends
- High End Graphics
- You will be able to have a custom play list so that you can play anything you want
- Multiple game modes ( DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Good vs Bad, Listened To kill, just to name a few.
- Dual Weilding Weapons ( for all )
- Realistic looking Characters, so that means bond will look like pierce bronson, ect ect.

Now , we are a community project, so that means there will be no checks coming in the mail, sorry :sad: .

Character modeler wise, we're looking for someone who can create very realistic looking character models that look like the actors in the movie GoldenEye, i.e: Peirce Broson, Sean Bean, ect ect. However we also need you to take into consideration that this low poly modeling, somewhere around 7,000 tris, But like any other thing, you can do normal maps to get that extra detail. Animating and texturing is not required, allthough it is a plus. Half-Life 2 is not required, all though it will help, for your sake.

Things that are required -

- 18+ Years old
- 1+ Year experience with High\Low poly character modeling
- Hard working, and able to produce models at a reasonably fast pace.
- Friendly, and able to get along with other team members
- * Can animate character models
- * Can Texture Character models\and or other objects
- * A Copy of Half-Life 2

NOTE: * Fields are not required but are recommened.

If you have any questions please, Private msg me, and i will try to answer them as soon as i can, Or if you want to know other open spots on our team, please visit here (

For more information about our mod please visit our web site at (

Thank you for your time,
- Sean "Baron" Stock
Lead 3D Artist

07 July 2005, 02:21 AM
We're still looking for someone, so if you want to work with an awesome team, now is your chance.

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07 July 2005, 02:21 AM
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