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07 July 2005, 11:01 PM
How do I import it into a rig or so?, to get more realistic movement. In for example a round-kick.

07 July 2005, 07:02 PM
unless its a BVH or FBX file, you pretty much have to retarget the mocap data in something like Filmbox/MotionBuilder to a skeleton, then save that out as an FBX and then you should be able to apply it to your character

07 July 2005, 03:20 PM
i your in maya...and you dont have motion builder...

You can import your motion as an fbx. I will come in as an animated
skeleton. Then you can use maya retarget tools to get the motion
into your skeleton. Rewritng motion to a rig is more involved.

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07 July 2005, 03:20 PM
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