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10 October 2002, 11:43 AM
I'm currently working on animating a character which is a seamless mesh with the exception of a breastplate he wears which is held on by straps which pass over the shoulders and around the torso. I'm having a problem with the straps that hold the breastplate passing through the mesh of the main body of the character when posed. The character, straps and breastplate are all sub-d objects. The straps, breastplate and the portion of the main character they are on are all part of the same weight map and affected by the same bones. I've tried placing hold bones on the straps in different locations with varing but equally unacceptable results. Surely there must be a method for handling this type of situation. I've seen numerous characters here and elsewhere with many more adornments that seem not to be part of the main mesh. How do you control the deformation of these other parts which come into close contact with the main character but are not part of its mesh?

- ub52

yon dabuda
10 October 2002, 01:27 PM
in this case, careful attention should be put on the modelling, the flow and density of the strap geometry relative to the underlying body part is important if you want them to deform in unison.

mark the areas of the skin and strap that gives you problems and add additional geometry keeping the points closely grouped.
this should be the ideal fix for that problem, but not the only.

good control will take some work. you can use endomorphs, you can have more control bones to animate, you can use sock monkey. but most important in good deform is the flow of the polygons.

10 October 2002, 09:59 PM
Thanks yon dabuda. My next approach was going to be to attempt to keep the points of the strap mesh as close to the underlying geometries mesh points as possible. It seems intuitively that this would keep the deformations similar for the 2 meshes. I was hoping that there might be another solution though and I could avoid having to rework the mesh. Just laziness on my part.

- ub52

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