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07 July 2005, 01:33 PM
(first of all, I must say that I'm not a native English speeker so any misspells can be traced to this fact...try to read through them)
I'm a programer by proffession, a coder (non graphical), even thou I do the visual part for my softs myself ( hobbie :) )

I'm currently in the prosses of constructing a 3d stratagy game (simthing kind'a simple, but from the design I's gonn'a be nice :D).
I made most of the 2d graphical part...done, complete and not too bad.
Now I'm at the 3d part, and like I said, I simply don't konw that part at all.
my co. programer works with most of the 3d part, luck would have it, we still need more knowledge, and I hope u guys can help on that

our artist (non-CAD artist, old fassion paper) made a picutre of all the units on 2d in 6 states (left side-view, over-view, bottom-view, right side-view, from + rear-views).
I want to know if (and how) I can take this 6 pieces and turn it into a polygon carrying shape that I could use in my opengl code

in case I can't...can I do anything with it (I got a copy of 3d studio max that I'm about to study soon...if it can help on this)

Thank u all in advence (special thanks to those who help ;) )


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07 July 2005, 01:33 PM
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