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07 July 2005, 05:54 PM
So far I have learned most of what I know regarding web design, photoshop, layout etc... either myself or technical diploma programs I have taken. These things have proved invaluable in getting my technical know-how down pat. So I have been able to see a small measure of success doing graphic design for the time-being. However I started to realize that my passion was more in the drawing and conceptualizing I had been doing all my life rather than the commercial art I am doing now. So I squared away, got my portfolio together and applied to art school with the intention of getting back to the basics. I am the kind of guy that feels like you should first learn to use a pencil or paint brush before you learn to use their digital counter-parts. I want to get more into concept design and illustration that exercises more of my imagination and perhaps move away from graphic design a little. So the question that I throw out there is: What has/was your learning experience been going to art school? How does learning from a teacher differ from learning it yourself? Has learning the analog methods helped with your cg methods? Things like that.

I understand that everyone's learning capabilities and methods are different, so this isn't the worked-to-death-question of school vs no school. I am simply wondering in and open-ended way, what other people have taken away from going to an art school (good and/or bad) and how valuable/applicable the techniques that they learned were. So share your story!


P.S: I am going to ACAD (albertal college of art and design) if anyone has anything particular to say about that place :P

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07 July 2005, 05:54 PM
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