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07 July 2005, 09:23 AM
have tried different methods . . lots of shaders online but i couldnt even come near this car shader

i dont think BDRF will be of any use when using HDRi maps

As u can see that there are multiple level of fresnel relection going on . . and wich is mirror like and the other which is pretty blurred . how can i achieve this blur to sharp reflection effect

will anisotropic reflection help .
Is G2 shaders capable of this
plz if anyone can give me a basic giude where i can start of . PLZZZZZZZ ! ! ! ! !

Aegis Prime
07 July 2005, 10:26 AM
This might help:

07 July 2005, 11:33 AM
Gradients, especially on spec and reflection......
And i use procedurals in Texture Environment, so i avoid using any maps at all....
Lighting, is the other big thing... (I use Area lights and not Radiosity)

But it's quite simple to do, have a look at some of the examples from LW7 and 8 content,
and just tweak... If you still have problems, post your work and people could comment on specifically what you need to do, for extra realism. etc...
BRDF can be used for better specular highlights.....
But realistc results can be achieved quite easily, just from lighting and gradients....

07 July 2005, 03:38 PM
You might want to check out the Spyder scene that came with the content CDs 2 or 3. It should be in the lighting directory as it is a radiosity example. The car has a material applied to it that is very similar to the VW so you can look at it to get some idea of what they did. I think they applied gradients to the incedense angle of the color channel... might be wrong about that as Im at work and cant look.

07 July 2005, 04:19 PM
A micro bump and some reflection blur (or better yet bluring your HDRI map) can get you there. Try some motion blur on the bump too for another way...

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07 July 2005, 04:19 PM
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