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07 July 2005, 08:19 PM

Ankh Entertainment is proud to announce that it's working at a new Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, named Legacy of Cyaron. I think you might wonder, what is so special about it? I mean, there are dozens of teams starting creating their own MMORPG. Well, it's simple. When we created Ankh Entertainment we promised to create games only for passion, for the gamers, to create unique games like no others. Of course, these are great thoughts, but believe me, I can guarantee for every member of the staff, and with our ambition we will succeed in the end.

The company is formed from people gathered from all over the world (mainly Romania and US, having our hq located in Romania), with the goal to create games like no others, where quality is more important than everything. We hope we'll bring new horizons to the games industry ...

Legacy of Cyaron, is the first Fantasy - SciFi MMORPG, based on the Infinity Universe (a set of rules & worlds, created by Ankh, that we hope it will be a strong competitor for Dungeons & Dragons. What is special about it, is that it can have medieval worlds, fantasy, SciFi, basically everything).

The game will have an unique Magic System, and an improved system of general & unique skills for each race. This is a world that simulates a real economy, a world where you can simply do whatever you want. Think at the game as a mix between Anarchy Online and World of Warcraft, but with a deep immersive story like Planescape Torment's one, which is rather unique for an online game.

The team is currently looking for very talented members in the following departments:

2D Art Department

Concept Artist
- Character Concepts
- Environment Concepts
- Weapon Concepts

3D Art Department

- Character Modeling
- Environment Modeling
- Weapon Modeling
- Character Animation
- Environment Animation
- Weapon Animation
- CG Animation

We lack of members in the 2D Department, but if anyone is talented in any area of the 3D Department, he/she is free to send an application to me.

Though, I have to say from now that yes, contracts will be made, yes, money will be earned. But money will come out until one of the projects will be launched. After, a salary based system will be implemented. Until then, passion keeps us united. There are some publishers interested in the project, so if we'll eventually sign with someone, money will be earned before the game will reach the market.

I guess you all had dreams, why not joining a new one, and help turning it into reality? After all, we all have to benefit from it. We, the producers, and them, the gamers!

Contact methods:
Via email:
Or feel free to contact me via any messenger. My ID's are AryamPS (for AIM and Yahoo Messenger) and for MSN Messenger.

For the future!

Yours sincerely,
Antonio Stefan
Ankh Entertainment Director

07 July 2005, 04:22 PM

I'll make here a brief preview about the world of the game, saying the background history and a few other elements to get familiar with the Legacy of Cyaron. As a note, the story will not be made public until the release of the game.

Name - Legacy of Cyaron
Developer - Ankh Entertainment
Release Date - 1st Quarter of 2007
Genre - Fantasy - SciFi
* Based on the Infinity Universe (created by Ankh)


The Beginning

A long time ago, there was a land where only gods could live. It was named Cyaron and it was one of the most beautiful places in the Universe. From here gods ruled over their lands in peace and all was quiet. Until one day, when Taros broke the sacred laws of the gods. He wanted to be the single ruler of Cyaron, and his malefic thoughts overpowered his good side. He had been observing the other gods to find their strong points and weaknesses and at the festival of magic, that was hold to celebrate the peace between the gods, his offense began.

Stunned, the majority of the gods was taken by surprise and fell into the trap, which made them the slaves of Taros. Only the purest of them escaped. Taros awakened vile magic to his side and from then he became the Trickster, the god of evil. His gaze turned his new conquered lands from their youthful beautifulness to dead and putrefied landscapes in which death reigned supreme. Some of the captured gods saw in Taros their new master and began following his Dark Arts. The Trickster infused others with dark powers during his rituals, which compelled them to serve him. Only Revanna, the goddess of dreams, escaped from his dungeon by sleeping and dreaming she had freed herself. She managed to return to the exile.

Some of the captured gods couldn’t be transformed and wore sentenced to death. The other gods formed an alliance to counter attack Taros, but his influence grew stronger and stronger and they were always defeated. But with the return of Revanna they found out about Taros’ weak spot.

The goddess also told them about his plans to kill the remaining incorruptible gods. They came up with a bold plan that could be their salvation or their doom. They were to save the gods of water and air from The Trickster’s influence with the help of dreams. Dreams that had to break or disrupt the flow of energy between Taros and the artifacts, which were created to link him with the thoughts of the other gods. By doing this they had to use all of their energy and they couldn’t fight Taros who wanted to take their lands and their powers. Helped by his first servant, Tentios, he found a way to destroy immortality of others and then reabsorb it into his own. Tentios was an infused god not one who willingly gave up himself, he was controlled by Taros. The fact that Tentios was one of the most powerful gods before Taros made him an important asset for The Trickster.

The gods that remained faithful to the Divine Ways thought that by freeing some of their comrades, Taros will redirect all his efforts to destroy them, and they will then have to act swiftly to free the remaining of their brethren as the god of evil will be overtaken by his fury. So it happened, and mad by their actions Taros attacked the remaining enclave of good. Meanwhile the Divine gods sneaked and broke the shackles of the infused gods, which felt to the ground. Sensing this, Taros sent Tentios to take care of the other gods and to bring him their souls.

A huge battle started and Tentios was able to defend against his former brethren attacks. But in the meantime some of the freed gods recovered and started battling against Tentios. The goal of the Divine Gods was to free Tentios not to kill him. They wanted to do the same with Taros.

But now The Trickster, with the energy that he used to control the other gods, augmented Tentios’ powers. Now Tentios’ powers and the sum of all the opposite gods powers were equals. Realizing that their plan has failed, the good gods united their powers for one more time for the last attack. Thinking that this was his hour of glory and seeing that most of his enemies were wounded Tentios started battling frenetically never thinking that he will lose. He opened the gates of the citadel and ordered the attack. Cautious the other four remained inside. Tentios’s first strikes made the good gods to retreat even more, but Heatheo sneaked behind Tentios back and because he was enraged he couldn’t sense him nor hear the warnings of the other gods. Heatheo took advantage of this and stroke Tentios’s artifact and severed his link with Taros (Is thought that if someone will ever find the plate of Tentios and repair it as he will wear it that one will become immortal, but he will have to trade some of his wits for this).

Seeing this Tentios turned and stroke Heatheo and cut off his right hand, the hand with which he was struck. From there on Heatheo became the god of thieves. Losing his powers he remembered his life before the Enslavement, but flashes of Taros’ magic still remained buried deep in his memory. In one moment he was threatening the Divine Gods, one moment he talked as nothing happened between them, as Taros’ betrayal never took place. He started laughing and afterwards crying as good or evil magic flowed through him. He was insane. This is how Tentios became the god of madness and of all those who tried to do mad or impossible things. Now all was lost for the Divine Gods. The severance of the powerful bond between Tentios and Taros took the form of a powerful explosion that covered all of Cyaron. An endless void emerged and sucked the overbalance of evil power thus stabilizing the fields. Heatheo’s act impressed the liberated gods which swore not to battle for any of the sides anymore.

Only four gods still served Taros, Ma’kjin the goddess of death, Fafnir the god of the Underworld that was the master of Jadentoth the god of penitence and sin and Dakkon the god of torments. In time alliances were made to achieve the ultimate goal. Three kinds of gods existed … the ones who used the Divine Ways in their aid, the ones who followed the Dark Arts and the gods that just wanted a peaceful place to stay, the neutral ones. But one day Taros returned from his quest that he had failed. The back flash caught him by surprise and delayed his return. Meanwhile the other gods took claim of what returned to flourish after the Cataclysm. The neither places that neither wore nor good aligned nor evil wore transformed by the neutrals into their own as they could live on both divine or dark, because of their divine nature, but tainted souls. Taros saw that it was nothing he could’ve done, still he had a third of the land, the place that fell into the reach of his citadel. Time passed and he wanted revenge. Only he knew of a small portal that remained behind the Cataclysm and it still contained the power of the void. He decided to use it against the other gods.

It was a great battle that destroyed the fragile equilibrium of Cyaron. In the middle of the battle Taros’ most important weapon, the Soul Taker fell into the portal. Seeing that this can even kill their immortal souls, each alliance opened random portals to take them to a new world where they could continue their lives. Vespa the light god seeing that his divine gods are wounded and cannot leave in time sacrificed himself and slowed the destruction of Cyaron for as long the others could escape. He is remembered today in every divine temple or shrine as the life giver.

The New World

When they exited the portals, all the gods reached the vast and untouched world of Mortik. It was a new land for them, a new beginning. The evil gods entered the world through the northeast corner, also known as The Wastelands, which quickly became warped with their powers. The Dark Abyss was spawned and the Black Citadel with its spires appeared above the Underworld. The divine gods entered at Terra to the south. With the death of Vespa, the god of life, Adriel became the leader of the divine gods and he was recognized as an icon for virtue, honor and truth. He was followed by his love Nemira, the goddess of destiny and love, Hrovash the keeper of the Gates of Heaven and Gen’tak the god of creation. They quickly spread throughout the land … Heatheo followed, but he didn’t like to stay in one place so he chose to roam around the vast world of Mortik. Tentios landed in the Upper shell but as Heatheo he goes from place to place like a madman, never staying too much. It is thought that he brings insanity and disease, because of his past with Taros, but others think that he corrupts only the ones that are evil, thus showing to everyone their true nature. The other gods came in at the great mountains to the west (western mountains), where they settled in the protection of the mountain, having the peaceful lands they always wanted. For’vak the god of fire settled deep within the bowls of the earth. The god of mining, Nistil and smithing, Zeletac went in the Northern heights where they began to harvest Mortik’s rich metals and minerals. This became known as the Azure Mine later on. The god of fishing, Morilla, came to Lake Terili and the Northern Sea. The sea from the south also became known as the Sea of Wrath, after the great waves caused by the forging of the palace of Nimue the goddess of water. In the clouds there was Hyvan the god of air. Along his side there was Jinta the goddess of archery and Fantasia the goddess of dreams. In the Great Plain Ynthar the god of earth and restoration settled. Elei the goddess of enchantments and magic and Trelis the god of speed traveled in the desert of the east and the Eastern Mountains.

The Creation

With the gods settled and expanding their territories, their destiny was shown. The divine and the evil gods met once again. As they began to fight their powers turned up rocks creating an enormous Mountain range between The Wastelands and the rest of the world. With the acknowledgement that their powers would destroy this word like Cyaron, the gods started to create minions that could fight for them. Many species were created, but most could not be controlled, and run wild through out the lands. The most successful creations were the Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Helanomes, Kalanites and Namiens. The gods of mining and smithing created dwarves up in the Northern Heights to gather the wealth and forge it, which is when the Azure Mine first came into use. Elei created the Elves to rule over the woods and be the keepers of magic. Adriel created Humans, to fight against the evil gods creations. But the evil gods to follow their ways corrupted a part of them. The goddess of archery created Helanomes. They lived in the Western Mountains and kept the forces of either side from getting to them. Trelis, the god of Speed, to help keep the peace in the neutral nations, created Namiens. Ma’kjin, the evil goddess of death, created the Kalanites. Other races like orcs, shivans and trolls couldn’t be controlled and roamed the countryside causing mayhem, and still do.

The Great War

With the armies of the Divine and Evil gods formed, the stage was set for the Great War. The divine forces crossed the Hitay Mountains until the armies finally met in the dark, cursed land. The battle lasted many years, and neither side gave up. In the end they nearly eliminated each other. The remained holy fighters went back to their homes, and the unholy warriors returned to The Wastelands.

The Rebuilding

With the land now in ruins, people began to rebuild what they had before the war and most of the gods were already forgotten, each race following its own ideals. The dwarves returned to the Northern Heights and the Azure Mine, to continue to acquire and forge the spoils of Mortik. The humans spread all through out the land inhabiting all places. The Elves splintered in three factions and went to the forests in Terra, the hills of Blittern and the Sea of Wrath, and started living isolated from other races. The Kalanites continued to live in The Wastelands, and build up their cities and strength, for when they can fight again. The Helanomes and Namiens still live in the western mountains. People created huge temples where the gods that weren’t forgotten are now worshipped, and all people worship at least one god, and one of the portals through which they came is still there, on the Islands of Gorrath.

The Artifact

Ten years ago the dwarves from the Azure Mines found a strange artifact when they were searching for minerals. It had a strange form and it looked like an energy field covered it. For two years they secretly studied it, but not being very smart they asked the help of the elves and humans. They were amazed to see the artifact, because they knew that they were the first ones who lived on this planet, when they were created no life form existed. For many years, they tried to find out what the artifact was, but not having any results the researches were abandoned.

The Raeas

First, strange lights were seen on the sky, only at night. In time they could be seen even in full day. The Elves Elders said they were only the Gods that wanted to come back to control their creations again, to make themselves known one more time. But the people knew it was something more … and they were right. The “strange” lights were only spaceships of a forgotten race, Raeas. They were the ones who first walked on this planet, but their technological evolution left the planet inhabitable. The whole weather changed and they were forced to leave Raea behind. Before they went to look for a new home, they left behind a transmitter. When a superior life form appeared on Raea they will sure find it and activate it. Then, they will know that the planet is habitable again and they will return home. But now, when they reached the destination, they didn’t find the perfect home they expected. They only found a world covered by strange races and no place to stay. Their thoughts were clear; they came to take back their home, no matter how they will do it. And so, a war bigger even than “The Great War” started on the world of Mortik, a war more important than others … a war for survival.

The Alliance

Knowing that they are way more advanced technological, the Raeas thought it will be easy too take back their home. As an elf philosopher said, “Need can create strange alliances”. All the gods united to face a new enemy and for the second time they had a common goal – Survival. They had to use all their powers in the war against the Raeas. First, they had to take back the trust of their creations and asked their help, because they knew that alone they couldn’t defend. The gods also created another race, Torens, to help them in the new battles. A new era has begun on the world of Mortik …


There are twelve playable races.

- Blood Elves
- High Elves
- Moon Elves
- Black Beards
- Grey Beards
- Elder Raeas
- Rebel Raeas

* To be continued ...

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Sounds really nice ...has Ankh a Homepage?

I really like the Idea behind it.........
Maybe I could draw 2d concepts for you guys for weapons

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