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07 July 2005, 02:10 PM
It's that time! If you've been inspired by the last month's challenges, let the people who scripted up some magic bask in the warm glow of appreciation!:D

I'll take a leaf from the well run Daily Sketch Forum ( (Thanks Roberto!):

Best Category Script:
Pick the best script from each topic

Script of the Month:
Pick the overall best script of the month

Level up award:
Pick a person who has demonstrated improvement from their early scripting

CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 001: "Make a Dining Table" (
CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 002: "Split it up" (
CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 003: "Foot Prints" (
CgTalk Maxscript Challenge 004: "Zipper Up" (

At this stage there is no reward system other than a nice ego massage. I'll see if I can wrangle a trophy image like on the sketch group so you can proudly display your achievement for mad scripting skills!:D

07 July 2005, 02:21 PM
Well, looks like I'm the only voter:

1: dining table : J_man ( hey, I wrote a good solid script! if I'm not allowed to vote for myself then I'm voting for Bobo since his table was the only non-square one, and he really displayed a good method of creating his geometry that I hadn't considered before.)

2: split it up: Rivendale, nice script man! all of them were really good but Rivendales produced some great results. Great work Tughan, and ivanisavich (hey did anyone get mine working in the end?)

3: footprints: Jhaywood: James's script is very indepth! there are only two to choose from though and I like the shere simplicity of googlo's script

4: zipepr:well it has to be ivanisavich, there is only one script, and although I've had problems with max 7.5 it seems he has done a good job. well done Tyler.

As for the best overall script and most improved, I'm going to think anout this a bit longer, most improved is difficult to work out since it's the beginning of the challenges, but I have an idea about best script...

Big up to Erilaz for all the work (although where are his sciprts...? ;> ) and congrats to everyone involved.


07 July 2005, 12:25 AM
1: dining table: j_man. Good execution and nice and easy.

2: split it up: Rivendale. That is insane! A little slow, but considering what you're doing, it's very efficient!

3: footprints: JHaywood. A unique handling method using particles like that.

4: zipper: ivanisavich. Well researched! Martijn's was looking promising, but then no script came up! What happened? :D

Script of the Month: Rivendale's splitter. Love it.

Level Up: I would agree with you here j_man, and say it's too early to tell. We'll start this one from next month.

Big up to Erilaz for all the work (although where are his sciprts...? ;> ) and congrats to everyone involved.
I'm usually too busy with every other thing I'm trying to fit into my week! :D I'm working on the new one though! Thanks for the support!

07 July 2005, 05:42 AM
C'mon people! We need more votes! :D

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07 July 2005, 05:42 AM
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