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02 February 2002, 02:39 PM

Tell me what you think,
i have 3d stuff also, but my site isnt working right now,
(sent off an email to my domain host, but no reply yet)

02 February 2002, 04:48 PM
Not Bad!
I think you should not give up your wish to become a comic artist! There is definitly some potential in there. Just keep it up!

02 February 2002, 08:34 AM
hey anyone notice how slow this board is? hehe

anyways, thanks for the kind comments,
although on the comic subject, I wrote that ages ago(I just copy the text over every time I update, hehe), so I'm already out of
the comic making scene.

I think that the job market was just waaay too saturated,
I mean, there is just such a small ammount of comics out there(in comparison to 3d jobs) and all of them already have artists working on them, suppose it's not impossible, but I'd rather make sure I get payed, and keep drawing as something I enjoy on my own.

02 February 2002, 01:07 PM
hey man,
good stuff...
I draw comics as well, have for many years, but kinda got discouraged doing submissions and went to school for I just never got back around to doing more....sure would like to though, I still draw almost everyday..

good work man, keep it up!

02 February 2002, 06:57 PM
I just wanted to say: Really nice stuff man!

I agree Titan...You've got good potential for comics drawing!

02 February 2002, 05:54 AM
feels good to get some positive crit every now and then! :)

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