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07 July 2005, 08:44 AM
This started off as a bit of an anatomy study, and turned into something a fair bit more fun. Get a lod of the once-fit, now-pot-bellied rent-a-cop (watch out for that plumber's crack... it's deadlier than his firearms). Note that these shots are at 100% self-illum.


Textured, unposed:

Posed, and accessorized (sorry about the banding... Blender seems to be a bit pissy about that):

Gave him a gasmask, too, just in case:


Modelled and UV'd in Wings3D
Textured in Photoshop
Rigged and posed in Blender
About 4400 tris, including the various accessories
512x512 map for the character
128x128 for each of the accessories

I've actually let this one sit in my hard drive for some time now (I think the last time I touched it was about 2 months ago), but I'd like to revisit it and see if I can improve on the texture work. Make it 'pop', as they say. Geometry will more than likely remain as-is, unfortunately, since the rigging and UVing have been done, and I don't fancy revisiting those. C&C on the geom would be appreciated, though, just for future models.

Some notes on the geometry:
For the polycount (shy of 4500 tris, including the accessories), I could have rounded out some areas of the mesh, notably the shoes and shoulders.
It appeared I needed some more geometry around the shoulder to help with the more extreme deformations.

So anyways, C&C and suggestions on the textures would be fantastic, as well as for the geometry (though like I said, the mesh will likely remain as-is).


07 July 2005, 12:24 PM
Not much to say, looks good to me. The Duff hat is a nice touch ^_-.

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