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07 July 2005, 06:43 PM
How about a 20 to 30 minute Animated CG FEARTURE !

we could divide all deparments like ( matte painters / modelers / compositors / editors / screen writers / vfx particle guys ect..) all of wich could be found right hear at cgtalk !

WE COULD ASK for the 3 best who ever posted or 3 best amateurs and assign them some task in there respective field..

we could have someone be the director (i'm sure someone on this forum wants to do that)
or better yet to keep things going some what smoothly maybe the adminitrators of CGTALK could be the directors, so that people could submit there ruff work for final aproval!

That should get people to connect and work together and maybe even try to hookup as members of an online VFX/CG company to rival any good studios out there given the chance.

If any one group of people find that they work good together ( modelers/matte painters/vfx people ect..) then they could work together all the time as an online VFX/CG team and come up with a name of there choosing for there group. And hopefully produced some greate feature movies for us CGTALK subscribers to see monthly or bimonthly. And by the end of the year we could have the best groupes or "companys" compete on a Final CG animated feature.

to decide who will get to do what we could ask the CGTALK people to vote for compositor or modelers ect... based on either past work or recent work or based on what ever...

I know that it's sounds chalanging but I think that we might get some great EXPERIENCE and some great CG features to watch every month or every 2 months OR EVERY 6 MONTHS, how ever long the project might take we could cut it down to 10 minutes or less.... That would be nice .. no ?

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07 July 2005, 06:43 PM
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