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07 July 2005, 08:39 AM
I can't wait!
Finally! :)

Is there any thing in particular I might want to check out first when I get it?
Or are there any installation issues or anything like that I need to worry about?
I read that someone complained about the manual, does it fall apart easily?
I know I've had some in the past that were that way.

Thanx tons and I sure can't wait to get it.
I know one of the first things I'm going to want to check out, will be the Eco-System.

I'm too giddy, if that's the word for it.
I don't get to order it till Tuesday, but I've waited this long. :)

07 July 2005, 09:13 AM
The basicversion has some minor bugs, so update imidiately after insterlation before working with it.


07 July 2005, 06:44 PM
You might also want to buy a docen or so aditional PCs so render times dont go "infinite". :rolleyes:

07 July 2005, 08:50 PM
Thanx for the replies so far.

I'll be sure to do the update bit the first thing.

As for the render times, yeah, I pretty much figure it'll take me a thousand years to
put out a movie, one which I've had in my mind for nearly a decade, but have been
going over mthods in my mind on how I may be able to change the camera views and
such and make some other adjustments so as to allow things to only take a couple
of few hundred years to render as opposed to thousands LOL

But yeah, I'll have to think about building something new, maybe a dual processor deal
or something, like an AMD with 64bit and all that other crap that I know nothing
about (yet) as I'll be needing those soon enough anyway.

Can't afford more then one more setup, as I've fairly recently built the current system I'm
using and really can't fork out much more for more systems, but I'll have to wait and see.

I am looking into getting a tablet, which will undoughtably eat up a lot more money.
It gets old trying to texture things in Deep Paint 3D and PS with a mouse.

Anyway, :)
P.S. I can just see my electric bill going way up in the near future.

07 July 2005, 10:10 AM
as for hardware: if you can only afford one more desktop and youīre primary usage is going to be media creation go for the amd64x2 (thats the dual core amd64) it offers excellent media creation performance, video,photoshop,3d,compositing,music etc is realy flying on those machines, going for anything else like the ordinary amd64 or a pentium d or p4 wont offer nearly as good performance for you.

just check out ( for some unbiased and properly done tests and youīll see what i mean (yes it offers top of the line gaming performance aswell, just shortly behind the amd64fx and top of the line amd64 single core cpu, if you would ever like to relax alittle)

ds. your electrical bill will be slightly smaller aswell going for the amd64x2 cpu since they require less w then Intels offering :)

07 July 2005, 01:30 AM
Thanx for that Mike.

I'm reading up on the subject right now at that link.
Right off the top of your hat, do you know if they have such a thing,
as a DualCPU that makes use of the DualCore CPU?
If they do have such a thing, I could really be cooking with a system like that, correct?
or is that just a waste, if they even have such a thing?

Can't wait to get it!
I'm so jazzed about it!
Should get here in a day or two, even with the slowest UPS delivery,
as it seems to come from the west coast, same place I am.

And soon I'll have me my tablet as well :) :)

07 July 2005, 11:33 AM
good luck with v5I and welcome onboard :)


well quad versions of the amd64 cpu is indeed in the works but Amd wont release them for quite some time due to Amd having the performance.quality crown in both dual core and single core at the moment i dont even think weīll see that much improvement in the current cpu market for the comming year, but quad amd64 (and quad intel aswell) will happen but not this year.

However you can of course purchase a quad or 8 way opteron server with dual core opteron cpuīs but thatīs alittle overkill for most desktop systems and im not so sure youīr wife/girl friend would appreciate the cost of the system :)

Anyway, youīre in for a nice ride with any amd64 system but i realy do recomment the amd64x2 cpu since youīre primary usage is going to be media creation it for sure flies as you can see over at anandtech (i would recomend the 4200 amd64x2 since itīs performance is up there with the big brother but the price is alot lower.)

07 July 2005, 03:58 PM
Awesome info Mike!
So, let me see if I get you straight there?
The setup you recommend is a single CPU that uses the dual core, Correct?
And which type/brand/style of MOBO would I want?
I really love my Asus board I now have, over that crap ABit I had before this new system
I built.
That was recomemned by a friend who was an ABit person, and I should of
known better then to take advice from an "aholic" type person, meaning someone that
thinks one board is always going to be the best board ever and would never take
a look at some "other" board.
I prefer "real" thoughts on a mobo as opposed to worship thoughts LOL
I'm sure you know the type?

And also let me see if I get this straight?
For the moment they don't have a dual CPU MOBO that could handle the DUAL CORE CPU, correct?

It probably won't matter much either way, as I most likely could only afford
the one CPU anyway, but I'd be curious either way?

I will mainly, as you already I guess know, would be using this new system along
with my current one, for those renderings for animations that I'd be putting out from
not only Vue when it gets here (please hurry and get here LOL) but also for LW renderings.

Thanx again for the info, and they shipped Vue out this morning,
so I should get it by either tomorrow or the next day :) :)

07 July 2005, 06:11 PM
yep a single cpu with dual cores (amd64x2, 4200 to be precise unless you can afford the amd 64x2 4800 of course)

and yeah im not much for brand fanatics myself, i change between amd/intel depending on whomīs on top of performance.quality, and i change brand on hdīs, gpuīs, and motherboards aswell :)

Mobo: you can keep your beloved asus because asus happens to have one of the best nforce4 solutions for amd setups, itīs called: A8N32-SLI Premium and itīs the bomb, 40 pci express lanes, which means youīll be able to run a sli gpu setup with 16lanes per graphics card (normal sli moboīs only allows for 8 + 8, and a non sli board uses 16 lanes for one card so this is a nice improvement).

A8N32-SLI Premium is otherwise a very well equiped mobo aswell, even tho ivil and tyan has some realy nice stuff to, the asus board features dual gig lan, 8 channel audio and so on.

dual cpu with dual core: yes and no, you can buy an amd opteron dual cpu with dual core on every cpu, or quad or 8 way but this is server cpuīs so the price will skyrocket, and no thereīs no workstation.desktop version out with dual cpu and dual core.

gpu: if you can afford it, the new geforce7xxxx generation realy do fly, however the price is steep and a super gpu like this isnt realy needed for creation so a 6800gt or even 6600gt is probably a smarter choice.

07 July 2005, 06:47 PM
Again, thanx tons for this awesome info!

Everything made sense and I could understand what and where you were saying and coming from.

Well, untill you got to the "gpu" stuff, then I got lost, as I have no clue what that even means?

gpu: if you can afford it, the new geforce7xxxx generation realy do fly, however the price is steep and a super gpu like this isnt realy needed for creation so a 6800gt or even 6600gt is probably a smarter choice.

That stuff above. That's the stuff I don't know what they are?
Maybe you can suggest a specific board/cpu that fits the description above?
I mean, the one I could afford :)
Sorry if I'm lame in this department, but I don't build computers often
enough to keep up with the latest on what's what?

Anyway, thanx for the tips and help with this, I really appreciate it.
And I'm glad you're not the worship one over another type.
One year one setup is better and the next year maybe something else is better. :)

07 July 2005, 07:04 PM
well the motherboard, just go for the asus nforce 4 premium sli board i mentioned (make sure itīs for amd and not the intel version).

cpu. amd64x2 4200.

gpu = graphics processing unit, in other words the graphics card :) (
the geforce 6600gt is a lowprice card but you can use it in sli (2 cards working together) and it has an enhanced video support which could come in handy for you, and performance is still on top in games.

the geforce 6800gt has alot more performance for a slightly higher price and no enhanced video support like the 6600gt

the geforce 7xxxx is brand new, and costs as much as a new computer :) but the performance is realy out of this world.

regardless of which gpu you purchase make sure itīs the pci-x version and not agp since the asus mobo uses pcix and not agp (agp is out of date as we speak and nvidia wont even manufacture agp cards in the future)

07 July 2005, 09:44 PM
Ok, thanx.

I'll do some research and pricing and then post up a sample setup of what I think I might?
be able to afford and get, and then you can critique it and let me know if I need to change anything?

Sound good? :)

07 July 2005, 10:14 PM
nemas problemas :)

07 July 2005, 01:08 AM
Sheesh, tracking shipping shows it arived in L.A. this morning!

I could of drove up there and got it myself by now!
Now it won't show up till Monday, cuz as far as I know, they don't do UPS on the weekend?
It was last scanned in at some place called, Vernon.
Hurry up and get here!, will ya! :)

Anyway, others have been telling me I totally wasted my money and everything else.
I sure hope that this isn't the case?
In the LW news group, one person in particular, keeps saying how I could of just bought
some plugin called HD-Instance which would of done all the scattering of objects on
the terrain and all that and some other program called 3D-Ozone or some such things
like that, and that basically this Vue program is nothing more then a "toy" like Bryce
or something and that you can't import/export cameras from Vue to LW or LW to Vue
and the movement controls are toyish and all sorts of other bad things and that I will
end up just using the program as a "door-stop" soon enough.
The news group being,

I sure hope none of this is true?

A "hopefull" md :)


07 July 2005, 12:55 PM
well most people dont know what they are talking about so i woudnt worry to much if i were you, they are most likely talking about vue4 which is very different and alot more basic (alot more like bryce) but even vue4 and bryce is more then capable of great landscape.scenery renders of course.

ozone... lol this made me laugh, e.onsoftware is the ones making ozone and sure it works but ozone is very, very limited compared to v5infinite, itīs just a plugin for getting basic vue atmospheres directly in LW, v5Infinite is in other words made by the same company that makes ozone, and v5I is alot more advanced then ozone......

No, v5I is not a toy, it is intended to be used in a productive pipeline in real studios, granted itīs main usage is as you know scenery and landscapes so itīs limited compared to the flexibility of LW, but itīs a great addition to any pipeline thanks to itīs ease of use and flexibility in itīs segment, where it is in my opinion the best solution.

So using v5I and LW is nothing wrong or weird, itīs how itīs always been in our field of work, people dont use just one tool because it takes to much time and time is money and the result most likely woudnt get as good either.

Using v5I and lW is as right as using photoshop and aftereffects together with lw and or vue, and in all honesty everything we do postwork in photoshop could be done directly in 3d, but why dont we do it? because it takes alot longer to achieve the same thing.... time,efficiency and ease of use.......

Syncing cameras.... this guy needs to read up, you can sync cameras between both apps......

So does this mean vue5I is for every studio, no of course not, but when you need to start working with landscapes.scenery vue5I is the best choice for any serious studio right now, especialy if youīre looking to implement it with your existing pipeline which i asume every single thatīs not just playing would like to do.

in my opinion that is.

07 July 2005, 08:15 PM
Thanx Mike :)

And yes, he bitched about the lack of control over the placement of the eco-system as well.
Meaning, it that you don't have that much control over how objects get placed.
So, I was assuming he either had downloaded the demo or had already bought it himself,
but I think I will ask him in any case, if not just for curiosisty's sake?

But, like you say, and this was what I had pointed out to him as well, that I was planning
on using this program as just another tool for my tool box of programs and wasn't expecting
it to do 'everything' like I don't expect any other app I have to do and that I also wasn't all that
worried about whether or not it would import LW objects in or out as much as others are,
as I plan on mostly using it in conjunction with post work and compositing with LW animations.

Mainly because, duh, I can't use Sas within Vue, and a lot of what I will be placing in my future
Vue animations will be critters with Sas fur on them and for that matter, possibly
even blending in a few Sas 'grass' scenes with Vue's grass scenes for a bit more
detail in areas where I might need them and not want to use the grass from Vue.
If that makes any sense? :)

The only thing that bothered me the most about what he said, was the camera bit, as 'that'
will be a MUST HAVE for me, since I'll be combining these two apps in post one way or
the other and the only thing I was able to find at the Vue site on this issue, was that you
could import/export .mot files for motion, which I don't know if this is the same thing as
truely exporting the cameras back and forth or not?
But, at least I figured, well, if it can export the motion files, then isn't that the
same thing that you'd want for importing or exporting a camera?
Or was he refering to actual camera settings, I don't know? :)

07 July 2005, 08:31 PM
Isn't it funny that right today i read this press release from Newtec?

Newtek Press Release 07-06-05a (

Looks like that Newtek does not really believe in the "does it all better and makes Infinite a doorstop" plugin.

07 July 2005, 09:59 PM
yeah i was going to post that press release myself wabe :)

back to the questions.

you can sync cameras between vue.lw.maya.etc etc etc

You can control placement of the ecosystems pretty good in my opinion.

By what heīs saying he must have A: believed vue to be a magical press the button app or
B: not spent much time with it to realy understand just how much you can do and diversify vue realy is.
or C: both :)

now back to eco systems: you can control eco system quite alot by combining several eco systems and using bitmaps, you can then further tweak the stuff you populate them with, so thereīs alot of control.

And if one or several eco system for some reason cant solve the issue at hand, settle for using eco systems for partīs of the scene and individual objects for the rest.

To me it sounds more like a guy trolling then anything else, lw and vue5I will be a realy nice combination for you in your toolbox, can it be improved upon? h.ll yeah, but you can be perfectly calm in knowing that e.on is great at listening on us the users, they probably read this thread as i know they keep track of alot of others forum.

And you would be surprised to know just how many features in vue thatīs due to user feedback, e.on reacts and listens to us their customers in a way i havent seen many companies do, so if you do find things that could be even better as far as vue.lw goes, let them and us know about it, because it realy do make a difference. :)

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