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07 July 2005, 01:07 AM

Hi all - My name is Clive Doubell and we have a small team currently working on a movie and game project. Please have a look at (

The movie and game is called Project GalaxyXQ: First Light, and plays as a Sci-Fi film set in the 25th century. In this time period the human race have broken the shackles of interstellar flight and moved into the Milky Way Galaxy. Up to now some alien life has been found in this galaxy, but never intelligent life. So it seems true what many are saying, humans are truly the only intelligent species in the universe. Well, don't be so damn sure........ For some insight into the storyline see:

We have started with the movie for now and the idea is to make one complete movie sequence that can be used as a "Proof Of Concept" short (about 3 minutes). See:

The basic idea is that as soon as we have this POC, and perhaps a few other items such as decent scripts and some concept storyboards, we will attempt to obtain Venture Capital in order to change the project from a collaboration project to a fully fledged paid-for project where every participating artist will get paid for their contributions, future and past. So if you decide to participate in this project, and if we get it financed, and if we get it marketed and distributed, and if it is a commercial success, you can potentially make quite a few bucks on the side. I know, a lot of ifs (well only 4 really), but nothing ventured, nothing gained. On the other hand, if (another if) this should all work out, I expect competition to participate in this project will get quite tight, so get your foot in the door now.

Also if we get some funding, we will start off the game project. The idea of the game project at the moment is to have an adventure game in the line of Myst, Riven, URU, with some copious AI thrown in, of course in our universe dictated by the movie. This is early days for the game however, and this idea might change.

This film is planned to have a very high percentage of CGI content, but with real characters shot against blue screens - very much the same concept as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. With one small difference. We are investigating new 3D camera technology, where the camera will produce 3d mesh models with textures. Sounds interesting? You bet it is!

Our main 3d environment is 3ds max 6/7, ZBrush 2 with Combustion 3 for post. But we are running PolyTrans for conversions between different packages, so if you are interested but you are a Maya, XSI, Cinema or Lightwave artist we can accommodate you. If we can get a few say Maya or other 3d pachage artists interested we can declare a certain movie sequence as a Maya, or a XSI, etc development - always a plan to be made.

What we need at this point is some storyboard sketch/concept artists, 3d modellers for low poly and high poly/detail, some texture/material artists, 3d character modellers, lighting artists, low res animatics and high quality animators.

Most of the people working on the project now are not "professional" artists, but they are doing excellent work, and learning a lot (as I am) over time. So if you are not a top level artist but want to learn you are welcome to come and try out. There are plenty of stuff to do. If you are a top level artist, even better, we can learn from you.

At the moment we have a forum running for management of the project, as well as a project repository for project artifacts, but the idea is to have a nice website with some galleries and snippets of the storyline and backround. So if you have web skills, typically Macromedia Dreamweaver and/or Flash please by come and have a look.

The project is done in a collaboratory format, for the most part, so that there is a fair chance that if you come up with a brilliant idea this will be incorporated into the storyline and/or design.

Oh yes, and finally, the whole idea is that this is a telecommunication/telecommuting project, so you can participate from any place in the world, all you need to participate in this project are six (easy) things:

1) A relatively decent PC to do modelling.

2) A relatively decent Internet connection.
3) Some time.
4) Some talent.
5) A rudimetary knowledge of the English language.
6) A self motivator that doesn't get bored after 2 weeks and leaves.
7) Be professional and mature enough to able to take some artistic direction.


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07 July 2005, 01:07 AM
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