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07 July 2005, 06:42 PM
i have been trying to figgure this out for 2 days, could one of you experts please explain this to me ?
i have a model in poser and want to use it in 3d max. i use gesturemax to get it in to max but something is preventing it from seeing a very important morph target (a limitation of the software i guess. then i had an idea, i would pose the figure with the morph applied to it, then export from poser. that worked! i got the pose inside of 3d max but now there is another problem. the models are 2 diffrent sizes 9one imported with gm the other exported with poser. when i apply the morpher to the first mesh, it grows to the size of the second file. I dont understand this.... I was under the impression that the morph modifieyr ignored size and location of the morph target and only morphed any vertices that were diffrent in both the objects. also, when i scale the second model to the size of the first model, apply the morpher, it still grows to the size of the second mesh when i imported it. Its like it is ignoring my scaling (which it is) How do i get the two meshes to act correctly in the morph modifiyer?
Thank you for your time

07 July 2005, 09:12 PM
wow, thats pretty confusing.
here, let me elaborate
i have a dragon in poser i want to import to 3dmax
gesture max did it fine but for whatever reason wont load the wings folded morph.
to get the morphs we used the export function out of poser to 3d max. this imorted the morph but it was too large by like X4. we rescaled the larger mesh (the morph target of the dragon with wings folded) to the same size as the original dragon mesh. we then applied the morph modifyer and loaded the morph into it. when the morph was set, the mesh grew in size untill it was the same size as the morph before we scaled it. we thought it was a map issue, striped the maps from the geomitry but to no avail. Can anyone please help?

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07 July 2005, 09:12 PM
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