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07 July 2005, 03:04 AM

I'm working on a project that requires a sexy non realistic (sort of cartoony) woman. I've been doing realistic for a long time and can do a fairly decent job at that, but doing the cartoony look is killing me. I can't get anything decent looking. Does anyone have any good advice or links to something that will help me get this straight? I'm not a newby to modeling, I'm just having a difficult time with the non realistic/cartoony look. Should I use a different modeling method that I do with realistic heads? I'm completely stumped and I have a dealine coming up next week. HELP!!!


07 July 2005, 08:49 AM
Should I use a different modeling method that I do with realistic heads?

Well no, i think it's the same process, you should keep a clean topology and work with loops as in realistic modeling...

The only thing that change is of course the shape of heads and anatomy parts... bigger eyes, simple nose and very rounded shapes...

I'd suggest to work with sketch reference if you have a drawing of your character it really helps a lot...put it in the viewport, make your global shape and then the next will come easily...

You can take a look at my m&s link below where i modeled cartoon character (especially the granma) from sketches...

Hope it helps you !

07 July 2005, 10:10 PM
You might also try rendering with less detail than you normally would. Not quite low poly, but lower poly. If you modeller supports any sub d features this could also help get the overly rounded shapes.

07 July 2005, 10:37 PM
Think about how you envision the character then look at the technicial aspects. For example, does your character have eye lids. If so, do you want the eye lids to be a half-sphere that rotates along an axis. You can also apply a lattice deformer (if your software supports that) to make egged shaped or other styled eyes.

In the above example, you wouldn't need to model the lids in the head, but simply make a smooth concave where they would go. Does the eye brows for a sharp point, like in the Batman's cartoon or are they rounded like Lesuire Suit Larry's. The forehead should be simply enough to make.

What about the nose? Rounded with no nostels? a sharp point that suggests a nose (as seen in some types of anime)? A bulbish nose befiting to a sterotypical gnome? Flat and wide as in many portrayals of Orges?

Same thoughts along the lines about the mouth. Wide or narrow, how much do you want to exaggerate it - extremely big or very small (think also what type of voice the character will have)?

You may consider making the chin like the forehead. If the forehead had sharp temples, then maybe the character should have a pointed chin. If the character is very skinny, then maybe over exaggerate the adam's apple (if guy or very unattractive gal). If fat, then how many chins? Square, rounded, chiseled or smooth. Also think about rather or not there is going to be a 5 o'clock shadow of beard growth.

The neck changes alot according to style: thin, stretched, non-existing, highly muscled, etc.

The body, arms and legs all mimic a similar approach. Simply put, don't be afraid to exaggerate features.


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