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06 June 2005, 02:04 PM

wasn't sure which forum this would best suit, but i figured this probably would match it quite well.

I'm thinking of switching from visual effects to graphic design and need to learn more about communicating using visuals. Can use photoshop and illustrator well, but need to learn more about design and layout theory. Am considering doing an evening course in graphic design and getting some books on the subject. This will probably be a long mission.

Anyway was wondering if anyones done anything like this, do you have any recommendations for design colleges ( I live in london so mainly looking for colleges round there) or more importantly at the moment, books on the subject (cos courses cost alot and i'm a bit broke at the mo). There seems alot of books out there, but as always its hard to know which ones are the ones that are worth you spending your money on.

Any useful websites on design would be useful too.

thanks alot

07 July 2005, 06:24 PM
I study multimedia design @ Communications College. Although it far from UK here is link to theirs link site . There's plenty of links about communication science as well as design schools around the world. I'm not alowed to copy from theirs site due to copyright issues so here is translation of topics (the blue lines :)

Sources for commuication studies (Izvori za komunikološka istraživanja)

Libraries (Biblioteke)

Science magazines of communication science on internet (Naučni časopisi iz komunikologije i srodnih oblasti na Internetu)

Communication Associations in World (Komunikološka udruženja u svijetu)

Public Opinion and Media analysis (Istraživanje javnog mnijenja i medija)

Communication departments, faculties and universities (Komunikološki odsjeci, fakulteti i univerziteti u svijetu)

Visual design and communication (Vizuelno oblikovanje i komuniciranje)

Distant learning (Učenje izdaleka)

European universities (Evropsko visoko školstvo)

Linguistics ( (Lingvistika)

English studies (Engleski jezik)

07 July 2005, 01:27 PM
hey akademus,

thanks for that, sorry for late reply. Looks good mate, many thanks

07 July 2005, 01:46 PM
To be a well rounded graphic designer you also need to know the history. I recommend picking up "A History of Graphic Design" by Philip Meggs. Knowing the history really helps you to understand current trends and where certain styles and trends originated from and why they are important now.

I am currently doing my degree in design at York university in Canada, and I cannot stress it enough of how much knowing the history of graphic design has helped me. And make an effort to learn everything about typography because typogaphy is the most important tool graphic designers need to know.

Hope that helps...

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